Virtual Piggy, Inc.

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  • QualityStocks | Send Message 22 Jan 2014

    Virtual Piggy, Inc. (VPIG) Partners With WorldPay US To Expand Oink In Teen Market $VPIG
      • Cuttiepie | Send Message 15 Dec 2013

        $VPIG Files shelf offering and dilutes current shares by as much as 50% Sell now before insiders take this pig to 50 cents
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        • oldorv | Send Message 15 Dec 2013
          : you've got me watching it. i'll watch for your 'buy' advice :)
          • Cuttiepie | Send Message 13 Dec 2013

            $VPIG Shorts lining up as dilution is inevitable to raise cash in order to keep the lights on this pig stye. Shares are worth a few pennies
              • Cuttiepie | Send Message 4 Dec 2013

                $VPIG Rebranding is sure sign of panic and a desperate move to generate money is selling shares before it collapses
                  • Cuttiepie | Send Message 4 Dec 2013

                    $VPIG is looking like it's the next OCZ with huge debt and NO revenues, smart money says it will be acquired out of bankruptcy for pennies
                      • Cuttiepie | Send Message 3 Dec 2013

                        $VPIG Is Bankruptcy in the future for this company? There are little to NO revenues and millions of dollars of debt are piling up.
                          • Cuttiepie | Send Message 24 Nov 2013

                            $VPIG, this is a Big Turkey. I'm a seller before insiders & tax loss sellers dump millions of shares in the next 30 days Price target $0.45
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                            • Cuttiepie | Send Message 25 Nov 2013
                              : Get in under $0.65
                            • oldorv | Send Message 25 Nov 2013
                              : I very well may do so. thanks
                              • Cuttiepie | Send Message 14 Nov 2013

                                $VPIG is a perfect stock to short before tax loss sellers dump millions of shares. Expect the share price to make new lows as buyers fade
                                  Company Description
                                  Virtual Piggy, Inc. offers an online service that enables parents to control their children's spending. The service allows parents to determine who may contribute to their child's online account and how much the child may spend per transaction and over time. Virtual Piggy will send parents... More