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Verastem (VSTM)

  • BiotechX | Send Message 12 Mar

    It looks like Investors are starting to appreciate the anti cancer stem approach of $VSTM again...:-)
      • BPD Research | Send Message 28 Jan

        Recent Offering Provides Great Opportunity To Buy Verastem Before Significant 2015 Catalysts $VSTM
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        • BiotechX | Send Message 2 Feb
          : Unbelievable the price differences of "hyped stocks" like KITE or JUNO compared to VSTM. Positive PII results may change this in 2015.
          • jsiebel720 | Send Message 22 Jan

            $VSTM...Offering priced @ $6.50; Real hatchet job
              • jdillard | Send Message 9 Jan

                $VSTM had KILLER updates on conference call yesterday. 10 different insiders have been buying shares since 12/19/14. today is a good opp
                  • JKenser | Send Message 15 Aug 2014

                    Sold $VSTM, for a gain of 24% in 11 days.. Still like it long term, but its run up a bit fast. May look to re-enter if the price is right.
                      • JKenser | Send Message 14 Aug 2014

                        $VSTM is up over 20% since I recommended it on Aug. 4th. Why cant all trades be that easy...
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                        • petethepanzer | Send Message 15 Aug 2014
                        • petethepanzer | Send Message 15 Aug 2014
                          : link is more evidence of verastem long position
                          • JKenser | Send Message 4 Aug 2014

                            $VSTM is now almost half the price from its last offering which was $15 a share. They have over $100 million in cash and big markets..
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                            • JKenser | Send Message 4 Aug 2014
                              : trading at less than $200 mil market cap.. Started a small position at $7.60
                            • futureguy | Send Message 4 Aug 2014
                              : its really beaten down, I like it here started a small position. Thanks for posting
                              • PICOLOMINI | Send Message 29 Jun 2014

                                Friday $VSTM 4x times average volume, the new normal ??? Why? What´s up?
                                  • StockConsultant | Send Message 4 Dec 2013

                                    $VSTM bottom breakout into the resistance gap, volume +28%,
                                      • The Scientist | Send Message 20 Jun 2012

                                        Market cap CYCC $28M, VSTM $215M. VSTM with NO drugs in clinical trials. Zero. CYCC better hire the PR firm from VSTM
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                                          Company Description
                                          Verastem Inc is a biopharmaceutical company engaged in discovering and developing proprietary small molecule drugs targeting cancer stem cells along with proprietary companion diagnostics.
                                          Sector: Healthcare
                                          Industry: Biotechnology
                                          Country: United States