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  • SoSerious | Send Message 10 May 2015

    Well, I'm GOING ALL THE WAY IN! Currently own 1M $WDHR, picking up another!
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    • Tom Landry | Send Message 11 May 2015
      : I must have misplaced the comma. Not used to use that much zeroes in a stock price.
    • SoSerious | Send Message 17 May 2015
      : I love it! 2,000,000 shares, remember this day! CHOW!!!
      • MADMAN34 | Send Message 17 Nov 2014

        Under the radar, undervalued weed stock $WDHR (weedhire.com) http://1.usa.gov/1uBa1V1 $TRTC $MJNA $HEMP-OLD $CBIS $ERBB $VPOR $GBLX $PHOT
          • Trent Blair | Send Message 1 Jul 2014
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            • Trent Blair | Send Message 2 Jul 2014
              : I appreciate that. You only have to have 4 or 5 multi baggers to wipe out the losers then you have a tax write off with the losers.
            • ChiefKing | Send Message 7 Jul 2014
              : I don't much like pennies... to volatile I have a few but I wouldn't base me entire portfolio on it. Unless you are watching it like a hawk.
              • Trent Blair | Send Message 23 Jun 2014

                Undervalued weed stock. $WDHR http://bit.ly/1yHjTNH $PHOT $ERBB $TRTC $FITX $VPOR $MINE-OLD
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                • Domitian | Send Message 25 Jun 2014
                  : I just don't see it. I'd like to, but I don't see a new rally in the cards in the short term.
                • Trent Blair | Send Message 25 Jun 2014
                  : Yea the stock market has the summer blues. It may or may not happen.
                  • Trent Blair | Send Message 23 Jun 2014

                    Cut two loser non-weed plays today and got in $WDHR. Check it out. http://bit.ly/1yHjTNH
                      • The GeoTeam | Send Message 27 Mar 2014

                        We are adding $WDHR to our Cannabis Screen.