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WeedHire International, Inc. (WDHR)

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  • SoSerious | Send Message 10 May

    Well, I'm GOING ALL THE WAY IN! Currently own 1M $WDHR, picking up another!
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    • Tom Landry | Send Message 11 May
      : I must have misplaced the comma. Not used to use that much zeroes in a stock price.
    • SoSerious | Send Message 17 May
      : I love it! 2,000,000 shares, remember this day! CHOW!!!
      • MADMAN34 | Send Message 17 Nov 2014

        Under the radar, undervalued weed stock $WDHR ( $TRTC $MJNA $HEMP $CBIS $ERBB $VPOR $GBLX $PHOT
          • Econ Student | Send Message 1 Jul 2014
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            • Econ Student | Send Message 2 Jul 2014
              : I appreciate that. You only have to have 4 or 5 multi baggers to wipe out the losers then you have a tax write off with the losers.
            • ChiefKing | Send Message 7 Jul 2014
              : I don't much like pennies... to volatile I have a few but I wouldn't base me entire portfolio on it. Unless you are watching it like a hawk.
              • Econ Student | Send Message 23 Jun 2014

                Undervalued weed stock. $WDHR $PHOT $ERBB $TRTC $FITX $VPOR $MINE
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                • Domitian | Send Message 25 Jun 2014
                  : I just don't see it. I'd like to, but I don't see a new rally in the cards in the short term.
                • Econ Student | Send Message 25 Jun 2014
                  : Yea the stock market has the summer blues. It may or may not happen.
                  • Econ Student | Send Message 23 Jun 2014

                    Cut two loser non-weed plays today and got in $WDHR. Check it out.
                      • The GeoTeam | Send Message 27 Mar 2014

                        We are adding $WDHR to our Cannabis Screen.
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                          Company Description
                 is a career website specifically targeting employment within the legal cannabis industry. Our mission is to help our clients hire the most qualified individuals and to help those individuals find the best job opportunities in their respective fields furthering their careers.... More
                          Sector: Services
                          Country: United States