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Wisconsin Energy Corporation (WEC)

  • timtrading | Send Message 10 Nov

    bullish candlestick patterns $UWTI,$PBR.A,$TWX,$XLP,$NRG,$LLY,$ETP,$WEN,$WEC,$FV
      • Khen Elazar | Send Message 8 Nov

        Wisconsin Energy- Let's Look At It After The Acquisition Of Integrys $WEC, $TEG
          • timtrading | Send Message 27 Sep

            william %r stock screener $ATVI,$CVC,$PPL,$PCG,$CNW,$XEL,$VTR,$ED,$HCN,$WEC
              • Joe Springer | Send Message 25 Sep

                The Best Treasury-Like Dividends In The Market For Retirees $WEC
                  • Peter J. Lekouses Jr. | Send Message 24 Sep

                    How To Find The Best Entry Points For Great Dividend Stocks: [VL-I05-091815] $MGEE, $WEC, $TDS
                      • Jim Van Meerten | Send Message 14 Sep

                        BARCHART MORNING CALL 9/14 $SLH, $WEC, $CRM
                          • ScottU | Send Message 21 Aug

                            Rooting for $WEC to close ahead. Would like to have at least one position finish in the green.
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                            • RoseNose | Send Message 21 Aug
                              : BCE was green fro me, that's it. :((
                            • Dividend Nut | Send Message 21 Aug
                              : 4 in the green, RCI, BCE, PSEC, GOF. S&P down 3.2% my portfolios down 1.5%. Just love my .6 beta.
                              • gawilley | Send Message 28 Jul

                                $WEC - Wisconsin Energy Corp was upgraded by analysts at
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                                • gawilley | Send Message 29 Jul
                                  : There was a pro-rated dividend (split) due to the merger. Don't worry, there was no dividend cut or suspension.
                                • dundey | Send Message 29 Jul
                                  : Analyst ratings don't matter, but I do like $WEC and am waiting for an entry point.
                                  • jumpnjoey77 | Send Message 7 Jul

                                    Added to $KMB, $WEC, $HSY. Toilet paper - check, electric - check, chocolate - check - all bases covered.
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                                    • jumpnjoey77 | Send Message 7 Jul
                                      : Best box right now is $IP but $SYY is a good play. $TD is a power keg sitting on economy based on commodities.
                                    • jumpnjoey77 | Send Message 7 Jul
                                      : Opps meant to write $SON vice $SYY.
                                      • Peter J. Lekouses Jr. | Send Message 24 Jun

                                        How To Find The Best Exit Points For Great Dividend Stocks: [VL-I05-061915] $MGEE, $WEC, $TDS
                                          Company Description
                                          WEC Energy Group Inc is an energy holding company. The Company, through its subsidiaries, provides utility services such as distributing electric, gas, steam, and water. Its business segments are utility energy and a non-utility energy.
                                          Sector: Utilities
                                          Country: United States