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  • Oct. 11, 2011, 11:16 AM

    Wal-Mart's (WMT -0.6%) troubles in China continue (previous) after a WSJ report states employees were detained in connection to a government probe into the firm's marketing practices for pork products. The company has closed 13 stores in the Chongqing region, and says it's working with local officials. Larger question: Will government harassment slow down the ambitious growth plans of U.S. multinationals in China?

    | Oct. 11, 2011, 11:16 AM
  • Oct. 11, 2011, 8:26 AM

    Wal-Mart (WMT) launches over 3.5K Facebook pages for individual stores designed to bring locally relevant information to customers. A  WMT exec says customers will receive about two messages a week, and specific alerts triggered by local events such as a football game or weather. "We can now say we have sunscreen in the south and snow boots in the north," he adds. Shares -0.4% premarket.

    | Oct. 11, 2011, 8:26 AM
  • Oct. 10, 2011, 6:56 AM
    Authorities in Chongqing, China order Wal-Mart (WMT) to temporarily close 10 stores after accusing the firm of false advertising. The crackdown on food and drug safety in the region on Wal-Mart and other foreign companies is viewed as politically motivated by analysts.
    | Oct. 10, 2011, 6:56 AM | 4 Comments
  • Oct. 7, 2011, 4:49 PM

    Wal-Mart (WMT +1.8%) outperformed today after Barclays reiterated an Overweight ahead of next week's shareholder meeting. The firm thinks Wal-Mart's management transition has gone smoothly, and though worried about macro conditions, expects the company to benefit from the boost in disposable income provided by lower gas prices.

    | Oct. 7, 2011, 4:49 PM | 1 Comment
  • Oct. 7, 2011, 7:35 AM
    Wal-Mart (WMT) brings in consultants to help the company with one of its most basic tasks: Keeping shelves stacked. A Sanford Bernstein analyst say the retailer has fallen asleep at the switch by cutting labor costs too steeply, while one supplier estimates 90% of items in a typical basket of goods were unavailable for shoppers last summer.
    | Oct. 7, 2011, 7:35 AM | 1 Comment
  • Oct. 6, 2011, 2:45 PM

    Wal-Mart (WMT -0.5%) unveils its layaway plan - designed to keep up with peers jumping on the layaway bandwagon. A 10% down payment on a total minimum layaway amount of $50 must be made, with items to be paid in full before Dec. 16. Where WMT rakes in money: A $5 non-refundable service fee applies, as well a $10 charge for items cancelled or not picked up or paid for on time.

    | Oct. 6, 2011, 2:45 PM
  • Oct. 5, 2011, 12:16 PM

    Nielsen (NLSN +5.6%) to pops after Goldman ups it to buy on valuation. The firm cites the company's progress in de-leveraging and the addition of a number of key, multi-year contracts including Wal-Mart (WMT -0.7%).

    | Oct. 5, 2011, 12:16 PM
  • Oct. 4, 2011, 11:21 AM

    Will the 2012 holiday shopping season go down as the year of layaway (audio)? Toys R Us kickstarted the movement by expanding its layaway service and offering 90-day payment options, while Sears (SHLD) declares "National Layaway Week" at its flagship and K-Mart stores and sees its shares pop 7.8% today. Also looking to catch the layaway wave: WMT, TGT, BBY.

    | Oct. 4, 2011, 11:21 AM | 1 Comment
  • Oct. 3, 2011, 3:16 PM

    Aetna (AET) and CVS will jointly offer a Medicare prescription drug plan, the latest such arrangement between a health insurer and a drugstore chain. The program's cost will be a $26 monthly plan premium, with no deductible, for generic drugs. Humana began a similar partnership with Wal-Mart (WMT) last year, while Coventry (CVH) has deals with Wal-Mart, Target (TGT) and Walgreen (WAG).

    | Oct. 3, 2011, 3:16 PM
  • Sep. 29, 2011, 5:03 PM

    Best Buy (BBY) has had a rough year, thanks to concerns about weak consumer spending and competition from the likes of AMZN and WMT. But Chad Sandstedt thinks bears are overlooking the profitability of Best Buy's high-margin services business. This, he thinks, can prop up the company, which now trades at 8x EPS, even if it fails to grow.

    | Sep. 29, 2011, 5:03 PM | 3 Comments
  • Sep. 27, 2011, 3:23 PM

    Wal-Mart (WMT +0.8%) is losing the two top executives in charge of its online business in a "serious loss of leadership." The departures follow those of two other online executives who left for personal reasons last month. CEO Mike Duke has tried to focus on improving Wal-Mart’s Internet unit as more customers shop online and U.S. same-store sales decline.

    | Sep. 27, 2011, 3:23 PM
  • Sep. 23, 2011, 5:38 PM

    "Tune out the fear and panic," writes James Altucher, and focus on the tremendous value in big caps like Apple (AAPL), Exxon (XOM), Wal-Mart (WMT), Amazon (AMZN), and Google (GOOG). No matter what happens in Greece (or the U.S. for that matter), these attractively-priced businesses are well-positioned to continue being profit machines well into the future.

    | Sep. 23, 2011, 5:38 PM | 6 Comments
  • Sep. 16, 2011, 4:34 PM

    Costco (COST +1.5%) wins an appeals court ruling, voiding a judge’s decision to expand a sex-bias lawsuit filed by three women to include hundreds of female workers. The court sent the case back to the judge with instructions to apply the standards set by the U.S. Supreme Court in its June ruling throwing out a group sex-bias suit against Wal-Mart (WMT).

    | Sep. 16, 2011, 4:34 PM
  • Sep. 16, 2011, 9:48 AM
    Wal-Mart (WMT +0.5%) keeps a focus on e-commerce with a purchase of mobile ad-targeter OneRiot for an undisclosed amount. The @WalmartLabs blog raves about the "nifty technology" from OneRiot that analyzes signals from social networks like Twitter and Facebook to deliver targeted ads.
    | Sep. 16, 2011, 9:48 AM
  • Sep. 14, 2011, 3:11 PM

    Toys "R" Us continues to be a thorn in the side of Wal-Mart (WMT +1.1%) - grabbing market share and showing a knack for outguessing its rival on which toys will be the hot sellers. It now looks to take on online retailers as well with a new distribution center aimed at processing Internet orders. As for that IPO announced over a year ago? It's still proceeding with "fits and starts."

    | Sep. 14, 2011, 3:11 PM
  • Sep. 12, 2011, 5:17 PM
    The holiday season starts earlier every year: Christmas items have been offered at Costco (COST) stores since Sept. 1 and will begin showing up on Home Depot (HD) shelves Sept. 19. Sears (SHLD), Wal-Mart (WMT) and J.C. Penney (JCP) will join in before month's end. More than 37% of shoppers say they'll do some holiday shopping by Halloween.
    | Sep. 12, 2011, 5:17 PM | 1 Comment
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Wal-Mart Stores Inc operates retail stores in various formats under various banners. Its operations comprise of three reportable business segments, Walmart U.S., Walmart International and Sam's Club in three categories retail, wholesale and others.