Westport Innovations Inc

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  • timtrading | Send Message 21 Jan

    biggest stock gainers http://bit.ly/1F0GyHg $ZFGN,$REXX,$TGD,$WPRT,$CRK,$SYNA,$SYN,$OVAS,$OPTT,$ZINC
      • thedukeoforange | Send Message 20 Jan

        sold $WPRT at 1.39 ... even money
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        • Tom Landry | Send Message 20 Jan
          : Wow, did this one dropped in the last years. Was long in 2012, liked the story, but closed at small lost.
        • thedukeoforange | Send Message 21 Jan
          : darn it, sold WPRT a day too early ... pops over 2 bucks earlier
          • Mark Krieger | Send Message 15 Jan

            $FSYS,$WPRT:absurd,laughable & outrageous.anyone heard of an acquisition where the acquirer obtains its target for less than ent. value?
              • thedukeoforange | Send Message 14 Jan

                Bought $OCN at 6.05; Bought $LL at 12.5; Bought $WPRT at 1.4 .... small starter positions
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                • thedukeoforange | Send Message 15 Jan
                  : Added OCN at 5.6
                • thedukeoforange | Send Message 15 Jan
                  : SOLD OCN batch bought earlier at 5.9 from buy at 5.6
                  • thedukeoforange | Send Message 12 Jan

                    $WPRT ... watching here .... recently got a financing deal, about to acquire $FSYS for dirt-cheap ... could be a strong rebound candidate.
                      • Mark Krieger | Send Message 11 Jan

                        $CLNE: look for CLNE to get in the bidding fray for $FSYS. They could easily outbid $WPRT. In fact anybody could, including my pug.
                          • Mark Krieger | Send Message 9 Jan

                            Just submitted a piece on the Takeover of $FSYS by $WPRT-hope they publish it soon. $CLNE is also noted as a possible white knight
                              • Mark Krieger | Send Message 7 Jan

                                $FSYS: after today's 20% clubbing, FSYS is now selling at below cash value--extremely rare indeed. $WPRT is getting the company for free
                                  • Mihir Mehta | Send Message 14 Dec 2015

                                    Westport Innovations - Down, But Not Out $WPRT http://seekingalpha.com/a/28gx2
                                      • Mark Krieger | Send Message 12 Dec 2015

                                        $FSYS: insanity prevails. When $WPRT announced it had agreed to buy this in Oct., its price was $7.today that price is $4. upside down world
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                                        • Insider-Alerts | Send Message 12 Dec 2015
                                          : it may be in FSYS's best interest to terminate the buyout, and pay the termination fee as the fall in WPRT shares is killing FSYS valuation.
                                        • Mark Krieger | Send Message 13 Dec 2015
                                          : shareholders haven't even voted on it yet, so it is far from a done deal
                                          Company Description
                                          Westport Innovations Inc is a provider of high-performance, low-emission engine and fuel system technologies utilizing gaseous fuels. Its segments include On-Road Systems, Applied Technologies, and Corporate and Technology Investments.