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  • Dividend Sheet | Send Message 22 Jan

    15 Low Leveraged Dividend Stocks With Yields Over 10% - http://bit.ly/1Qj9mAj - $BHP $ARCC $WPZ $SNH $NE $NTI $TKC $ENBL $CVRR $SPM
      • The Troll under the Pipeline | Send Message 16 Jan

        Wow, Is Williams Pipeline Partners A Deal Or A Dud? $WPZ http://seekingalpha.com/a/29rdk
          • Paul's Pot | Send Message 12 Jan

            $WPZ....what the heck?
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            • TraderJoeF | Send Message 12 Jan
              : Wish I knew. Probably panic due to the meme that many US oil producers will go bankrupt this year.
              • TraderJoeF | Send Message 29 Dec 2015

                Allright, I'll be the first to ask. Oil and natty gas up big, pipelines down. $EEP, $ETE, $KMI, $WPZ, $OKE $OKS. Why? Tax loss selling or
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                • TraderJoeF | Send Message 29 Dec 2015
                  : I think it's hard to extrapolate though...Almost the end of 2015, anything goes. Managers trying to get them off their books or something.
                • John Rayhall | Send Message 29 Dec 2015
                  : My guess it was redemptions then tax loss selling and just a general fear that oil goes under 30 soon.
                  • Casey Hoerth | Send Message 14 Dec 2015

                    Williams Partners To Follow Kinder Morgan And Cut Distribution? $WPZ, $WMB http://seekingalpha.com/a/28gxc
                      • TraderJoeF | Send Message 7 Dec 2015

                        This is insanity, $WPZ 17% yield. $OKE 11.5% yield.
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                        • TraderJoeF | Send Message 9 Dec 2015
                          : lol...S&P 3,500 in 10 years only implies 5.25% growth per year. Easily done. http://bloom.bg/1HVRE61
                        • John Rayhall | Send Message 10 Dec 2015
                          : Boom! Ya I wouldn't be too old in 10 years so that works :)
                          • djh860 | Send Message 4 Dec 2015

                            Pipe-pocalypse is not the end of an industry it may be one of the best buying opportunities that you have ever seen. $PAA $KMI $oks $wpz
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                            • TraderJoeF | Send Message 7 Dec 2015
                              : Yep...seems pretty irrational as you are going to still need to transport energy no matter what a barrel of oil costs.
                            • MtBudmoreView | Send Message 8 Dec 2015
                              : beginning to wonder if this is, like auto immune. ok so irrational panic. we have too much iron, oil, gold, copper etc etc where's bottom
                              • D-struction | Send Message 4 Dec 2015

                                $WPZ or $MPLX?
                                  • Guinness | Send Message 3 Dec 2015

                                    ETP, Energy Transfer Partners Yielding Over 12% $ETP, $WPZ, $NS http://seekingalpha.com/p/2qoh2
                                      • timtrading | Send Message 3 Dec 2015

                                        oversold stock screener $HPQ,$UGAZ,$X,$UNG,$WPZ,$ARP,$NMBL,$GDP,$SNTA,$MEMP http://bit.ly/1LmTjMh
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                                        • X Oil-Field | Send Message 12 Jan
                                          : OPEC has no plan for emergency meeting on oil drop: Delegates. http://bit.ly/1mTOjLt http://bit.ly/1KGFNnJ TheEconomicTimes $USO $OIL
                                        • X Oil-Field | Send Message 12 Jan
                                          : Goodrich Petroleum Corporation $GDP Receives Continued Listing Standard Notice From NYSE. http://prn.to/1kgasSW PR/Newswire
                                          Company Description
                                          Williams Partners LP is an energy infrastructure company. It owns and operates midstream gathering and processing assets, and interstate natural gas pipelines.