The Wet Seal, Inc. (WTSL) - NASDAQ
  • Xvansan | Send Message 5 Aug 2015

    $ARP now joins $LL $MSTX $TNXP $FH $WTSL $LF $SN $CRK $TPLM $BABA $MNKD and many others as horrible stock picks I have seen on SA
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    • tromur | Send Message 5 Aug 2015
      : I think TNXP is good buy at these levels. Sell in 10s. I think floor is offering price of $7.50
    • jonanne | Send Message 6 Aug 2015
      : Xvansan-The point I'm making is that this is a long term play, not a trade (although some traders like Ocean Man have done well).
      • Xvansan | Send Message 30 Jul 2015

        $LF will test $1. If that fails, look out below. I was recently in $WTSL and rode it into the ground. Dont make my mistake!
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        • dalatinIJR | Send Message 30 Jul 2015
          : I didn't see OM ,but JS & DW we're up on it
        • wheelz23 | Send Message 30 Jul 2015
          : never bought when they were pumping it...tablets and smartphones do the same thing
          • Xvansan | Send Message 23 Jan 2015

            I see Microcap Gemfinder is pumping this one. Also pumped $WTSL from $1.50 down to $0.03. Hope noone is listening to him $FH
              • Robert Petti | Send Message 22 Jan 2015

                Wet Seal Should Skip The Malls With Version 2.0 $WTSL
                  • Activist Stocks | Send Message 21 Jan 2015

                    WeTSeal: Burns Another Activist, Who's Next? $ANF, $CACH, $WTSL
                      • Randall Reese | Send Message 20 Jan 2015

                        Versa Capital Management Submits Competing Offer to Be Plan Sponsor & DIP Lender for The Wet Seal, Inc. $WTSL
                          • Vetr | Send Message 16 Jan 2015

                            Wet Seal files for bankruptcy in effort to stay afloat $WTSL
                              • Randall Reese | Send Message 16 Jan 2015

                                Breaking: The Wet Seal, Inc. Files for Bankruptcy Protection with Plan Sponsorship Agreement $WTSL
                                  • zzx375 | Send Message 9 Jan 2015

                                    $WTSL Looks like mjnoob was correct
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                                    • mjnoob | Send Message 30 Apr 2015
                                      : SELL SELL SELL, Oh, too late.
                                    • zzx375 | Send Message 1 May 2015
                                      : Slow day?
                                      • Xvansan | Send Message 7 Jan 2015

                                        $WTSL showing life. Only another 1,000% and i'm back to breakeven! haha
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                                        • Xvansan | Send Message 16 Jan 2015
                                          : ha yep that didn't last long. Worst trade of my life for sure. At least it was only a grand
                                        • wretchedturkey | Send Message 17 Jan 2015
                                          : Haha! That's how I feel too. I also only sunk 1k into this dog. I actually had the brains to cash out a little early... like at .11 lol
                                          Company Description
                                          Wet Seal Inc is a national multi-channel specialty retailer selling fashion apparel and accessory items designed for female customers through its stores and e-commerce websites.
                                          Sector: Services
                                          Industry: Apparel Stores
                                          Country: United States