iPath S&P 500 Dynamic VIX ETN(XVZ)- NYSEARCA
  • Andrew Hecht | Send Message 5 Jun

    How To Safeguard Your Equity Portfolio With One ETN: XVZ $XVZ, $SPY, $QQQ http://seekingalpha.com/a/2dava
      • Market Trends Investor | Send Message 10 Oct 2014

        $VXX,$VXZ,$VIXY,$XVZ,$ZIV,$XIV,$UVXY,SVXY~~~We are now in a backwardation as defined by the ratio of the VIX to VXV.
          • theyenguy | Send Message 8 Jul 2014

            Fiat Wealth, That Is The Coinage Of The Banker Regime, Traded Lower In Value, As Fears... $XVZ, $DBC, $DJP http://seekingalpha.com/p/1tdit
              • windwine | Send Message 15 Apr 2014

                A Simple Toy Momentum Strategy For Volatility Trading (Up To 04/10/2014) $XIV, $ZIV, $XVZ http://seekingalpha.com/p/1oufd
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                • Fred Piard | Send Message 16 Apr 2014
                  : Thanks for your insights. I also like your post on intraday and overnight returns.
                  • DeepValueLover | Send Message 21 May 2013

                    $XVZ has been looking strong and is only going to get stronger.
                      • Ryan Mallory | Send Message 15 Nov 2012

                        $VIX and VIX ETNs Spike On Fiscal Cliff Fears | http://bit.ly/T2DFyI TVIX VXX VXZ XVZ XIV
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                        • Ocean Man | Send Message 15 Nov 2012
                          : Here is my explanation for that: http://seekingalpha.com/s/99kpn
                        • Ryan Mallory | Send Message 16 Nov 2012
                          : Thanks for the explanation!
                          • Wall Street Sector Selector | Send Message 14 Nov 2012

                            VIX Spikes on Fear of Fiscal Cliff, (TVIX) (VXX) (VXZ) (XVZ) (XIV) http://bit.ly/U0BH2y
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                            • Ocean Man | Send Message 15 Nov 2012
                              : I don't think I'd call that a VIX spike. Well below its midpoint for the year.
                              • Wall Street Sector Selector | Send Message 22 Oct 2012

                                VIX and VIX ETNs Fail At Resistance; (VXX) (TVIX) (VXZ) (XVZ) (XIV) http://bit.ly/Tc4Qr8
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