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Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO)

  • Nov. 27, 2012, 9:13 AM
    The Street continues to jump on the Yahoo (YHOO) bandwagon as shares make new 52-week highs. A day after Goldman made Yahoo a Conviction Buy, Bernstein's Carlos Kirjner (seen yesterday upgrading Facebook) argues shares could pass $25 thanks to better ad monetization, mobile/social investments, and the appreciation of Asian assets. Nonetheless, he cautions it's "hard to see Yahoo! as a long-term winner." Google saw similar bandwagon-jumping take place prior to its Q3 miss. YHOO +0.6%.
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  • Nov. 26, 2012, 12:17 PM
    More on Goldman's upgrade of Yahoo (YHOO +1.1%): The firm thinks Yahoo is improving its average revenue/search, which has long trailed Google's, and believes the company will implement "cost reductions" (read: layoffs) that will more than offset higher "tech and investment spending" in 2013. Yahoo, which recently broke out of the narrow trading range it was in for much of the year, has made new 52-week highs again today.
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  • Nov. 26, 2012, 7:12 AM
    Yahoo (YHOO) is upgraded to Goldman Sachs' Conviction Buy list with a price target of $24 (raised from $22). Stock buybacks - just 25% complete - are the current catalyst. Combining that with what looks to be some credibility from new management, and it's a "very attractive risk/reward scenario." Shares +1.8% premarket.
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  • Nov. 21, 2012, 8:36 AM
    In spite of a flurry of social media-focused content partnerships and continued 9-figure losses for Microsoft's (MSFT) Online Services unit, Bing's market share gains remain meager. comScore estimates Bing's U.S. PC search share stood at 16% in October, compared with 15.9% in September and 15.1% last December. Moreover, Bing-powered Yahoo (YHOO) had a 12.2% share, flat from September and down from December's 14.5%. As for Google (GOOG)? It hit a record high of 66.9%. Bing's international and mobile shares are considerably lower.
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  • Nov. 20, 2012, 7:40 AM
    Yahoo (YHOO) is among the names interested in buying from Lions Gate (LGF), Kara Swisher reports. Deadline Hollywood reported the site, which claims 24M monthly users and 6.5M app downloads, could go for $20M-$25M. would complement Yahoo TV's content and perhaps the Web giant's Broadcast Interactivity platform for TV sets.
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  • Nov. 19, 2012, 2:20 PM
    Facebook (FB -1.2%) declares it's "not in talks to enter into a new search partnership," quashing speculation that a report from The Telegraph about partnership talks with Yahoo (YHOO +2.2%) suggests a search deal could happen. Mark Zuckerberg has been clear about Facebook's interest in search, but less so about whether he wants to build a full-blown Google rival or just a "social" search platform relying heavily on Facebook's data. Shares are underperforming today after rocketing higher following Wednesday's lockup expiration.
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  • Nov. 19, 2012, 8:30 AM
    Sina (SINA) +6.9% following a report Alibaba is taking a 15%-20% stake in Sina's Weibo microblogging platform for $2B-$3B. Such a deal would both grant a high valuation to Weibo, which now has 424M registered users and over 40M monthly active users, and potentially open up new monetization opportunities, given Alibaba's Chinese e-commerce/online payments clout. If the rumor pans out, Yahoo (YHOO) would have an indirect ~3%-4% stake in Weibo through its 23% stake in Alibaba.
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  • Nov. 19, 2012, 2:32 AM
    Yahoo (YHOO) CEO Marissa Mayer and Facebook (FB) COO Sheryl Sandberg have reportedly held talks about forming an alliance. The companies already work together on small projects and recently settled a patent spat, although a deepening of their relationship could be complicated by Yahoo's problematic search partnership with Microsoft (MSFT).
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  • Nov. 16, 2012, 6:35 PM
    Marissa Mayer might finally be planning those huge job cuts many have called on her to carry out: sources tell Kara Swisher Yahoo (YHOO) will implement a new performance-measurement system with the goal of identifying the "bottom 20%" of workers, with the goal of lowering the compensation allocated to that group. Also, Yahoo has cancelled a policy of giving most workers the week between Christmas and New Year's off. Yahoo cut 2K jobs this year ahead of Mayer's arrival.
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  • Nov. 16, 2012, 1:21 PM
    Yahoo (YHOO) is bringing back former exec Jay Rossiter, who departed during the short-lived Scott Thompson era, to be its EVP of Platforms. Rossiter will spearhead the development of Yahoo technologies related to cloud services, Hadoop big data analytics, ad targeting, mobile apps, and a few other things. Meanwhile, fellow mobile laggard AOL has seen consumer technology chief David Temkin resign as part of a restructuring. Temkin was the third person to hold the position in the last 2 years.
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  • Nov. 12, 2012, 12:07 PM
    Chinese e-commerce/online payments giant Alibaba saw its Q3 revenue rise 71% Y/Y to $1.1B, according to Yahoo's (YHOO +0.8%) Q3 10-Q. Net income rose 129% to $273M. After accounting for stock buybacks, Yahoo still owns 23% of Alibaba, a stake that's worth ~$8.7B based on the valuation assigned in the recent sale of half of Yahoo's position. China's e-commerce market continues to grow rapidly, and the government has set a target of quadrupling transaction volume from 2010 to 2015.
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  • Nov. 9, 2012, 1:17 PM
    Yahoo's (YHOO) latest home page revamp, currently in trial mode, clearly has mobile in mind. A set of Windows 8-like photo tiles take up plenty of screen real estate, and Yahoo compensates by cutting down on icons, text links, and display ad modules. A previous test for Yahoo's home page, which gets 4.4B page views/month, involved a news feed that infinitely scrolls (much like Twitter). Separately, Yahoo disclosed in its Q3 10-Q it has bought back $212M in shares thus far in Q4, after buying $190M in Q3.
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  • Nov. 5, 2012, 5:42 PM
    Yahoo's (YHOO) Broadcast Interactivity platform, which enables interactive TV programming and ads, will be built into Samsung's Smart TV lineup. Included in the solution will be Yahoo's SoundPrint tech for automatically identifying content based on its audio feed. Plenty of companies have had big plans for interactive TV over the years, but getting consumers to embrace it in a big way has proven tough. (PR)
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  • Nov. 2, 2012, 11:12 AM
    Yahoo (YHOO) has named Adam Cahan, the founder/CEO of TV content indexing startup IntoNow prior to its 2011 acquisition by Yahoo, to head its mobile efforts, as well as Flickr. Before joining IntoNow, Cahan worked with several media companies, and also Google. Marissa Mayer recently suggested half of Yahoo's workforce should be working on mobile.
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  • Oct. 31, 2012, 5:39 PM
    Gmail (GOOG) is now the world's most popular PC e-mail service, per comScore: the research firm estimates Gmail saw 287.9M monthly unique visitors in October, putting it ahead of Hotmail's (MSFT) 286.2M. Once-dominant Yahoo Mail (YHOO) came in third with 281.7M visitors, though it still leads in the U.S. Back in June, Google claimed it had 425M total monthly active Gmail users (includes mobile-only users). Google monetizes Gmail via PC ads and Google Apps subscriptions.
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  • Oct. 31, 2012, 12:36 PM
    Yahoo (YHOO) has struck a distribution deal with Wenner Media, publisher of US Weekly and Rolling Stone: Each company's content will appear on the other's sites, and the two will "co-produce a new breed of online editorial franchises." Peter Kafka notes Yahoo Music and OMG have a combined 46M unique users. Former interim CEO Ross Levinsohn struck a number of content deals before leaving; the pace has slowed down since Marissa Mayer took over.
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