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Yellow Pages Ltd. (YLWDF)

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  • Patrick Lowry | Send Message 16 Jun

    $YLWDF Yellow Pages announces acquisition of digital real estate marketplace company. Good move IMO, increased digital % significantly.
      • J Mintzmyer | Send Message 1 Jun

        Sold $YLWDF at $15.41 for a combined gain of 5% in 1y and 2y. Opened at $7.80, doubled at $20.55 a year later. Worth $50, but done waiting.
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        • J Mintzmyer | Send Message 1 Jun
          : Yeah... Not sure my $YWLDF conversion ratio is right either. Technically I told TSE $Y shares for $19.31... Got screwed by exchange rate.
        • J Mintzmyer | Send Message 1 Jun
          : When I bought into the company the exchange rate was closer to 1/1 if I remember correctly. Oh well...
          • J Mintzmyer | Send Message 8 May

            Very impressive results from Yellow Media-- $Y $YLWDF. Happy to be long at my basis, and see easy 2x upside on FCF.
              • xNotreDamex | Send Message 8 May

                $YLWDF $YLWWF near 52 week lows just posted great earnings. Solid fundamentals, excellent value buy. up 8% and climbing.
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                • xNotreDamex | Send Message 8 May
                  : currently @ $14, price targets range from $23 to $29 over the next year, 5-7 year projections upwards of $45
                  • SinoNerd | Send Message 8 May

                    $YLWDF great quarter, up 10%
                      • Jason Kaplan | Send Message 30 Apr

                        Yellow Pages Ltd.: Capital Structure Offers Attractive Opportunities $YLWDF
                          • xNotreDamex | Send Message 18 Dec 2014

                            $YLWDF pushing North. Serious upward momentum over the last month for a still undervalued fundamentally solid stock. PT= $28, now at $16.30
                              • SinoNerd | Send Message 27 Nov 2014

                                $YLWDF breaks $20 for the first time since June. Wake up folks, this is a double.
                                  • SinoNerd | Send Message 25 Nov 2014

                                    $YLWDF on a tear. Can't stop won't stop.
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                                    • jaginger | Send Message 26 Nov 2014
                                      : no doubt. since the earnings report it's been on fire. love the warrant buys under $4
                                    • SinoNerd | Send Message 26 Nov 2014
                                      : Absolutely, I think the warrants are a screaming buy at this level.
                                      • SinoNerd | Send Message 19 Nov 2014

                                        Another big upswing for Yellow Media $YLWDF. Momentum building. 4 times price to earnings.
                                          Company Description
                                          Yellow Media Inc. (TSX: YLO) is Canadas #1 Internet company and leading performance media and marketing solutions company through its network of companies that includes Yellow Pages Group (YPG) and Canpages. The Corporation serves Canadian businesses and consumers nationwide.
                                          Country: Canada