ZaZa Energy Corporation(ZAZA)- NASDAQ
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    {video} 2015 Stock Market Forecast Follow Up - $TZA $QQQ $FB $AAPL $DIA $DJT $BIB $TVIX $UUP $BIB $ZAZA $YOD $INTC
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        Bullish chart $ZAZA
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          : Look at the base on that thing
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            {video} 5 Stocks Under $10.00 $IWM $IWC $AAOI $AEY $ALQA $CFBK $ZAZA $CRCM
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                looking to jump back in $cpe on its next pullback all so looking to jump on $zaza and $fcel hold $plug at 2.98 and in$pbr after hrs below 7
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                    what's going on with $ZAZA? Lot of speculation going around it. Any idea/thoughts?
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                      : $ZAZA ~ Toreador, Houston, Q3 2012 blow out, pricing momentum NEG, SMA200 cross 50SMA AUG Devil's cross, exploration, need a find=explode UP
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                        ZaZa Energy (ZAZA) Multimillion-Dollar East Texas JV Deals, Vimicro International (VIMC)... $ZAZA, $VIMC
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                            $ZAZA: what is the future for ZAZA trade any idea bros, I invested already and what is the growth of this stock can somebody share me views
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                                Pink may be in fashion at $ZAZA; been slipping; now $1
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                                        A little birdie told me $SN was the buyer on 10k acres in the Eastern EF sold by $ZAZA on 7/3... can anyone confirm?
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                                          : thank you sir
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                                          : You are welcome- I have some SN in my Roth, and thought of your post when I read this.
                                          Company Description
                                          ZaZa Energy Corp. engages in the exploration and production of both a conventional and unconventional oil and gas assets. It currently operates primarily through joint ventures in the Eagle Ford East trend trend in East Texas and the Eagle Ford trend in South Texas. The company was founded on... More
                                          Industry: Independent Oil & Gas
                                          Country: United States