Zion Oil & Gas Inc

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  • Rsadler | Send Message 21 Jun 2015

    Bought $ZN going to go big on $GEVO
      • Rsadler | Send Message 17 Jun 2015

        Bought more shares in $GEVO an some in $ZN I think GEVO is going to start to move
          • Rsadler | Send Message 17 Apr 2015

            Anyone with input on $ZN
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            • luckypeter | Send Message 17 Apr 2015
              : $ZN almost a penny stock, both $OIL and NatGas components been dropping mos, no UP likely soon, U need hydrocarbons & distillates reversal.
            • luckypeter | Send Message 17 Apr 2015
              : $ZN NEG eps, minus 24% for year, no reason to rise until earnings improve, very high beta 1.55, U R taking HI RISK.. Stock above SMA200 hope
              • Rsadler | Send Message 15 Apr 2015

                Anyone have shares in $ZN are any input just read an article on it an says they may have hit a large deposit of oil an gas
                  • Kaiserdog76 | Send Message 16 Apr 2014

                    Let's go DRILL SOME HOLES!!!! $HUSA $ZN $GNE $HK
                      • Steven Spanton | Send Message 18 Jun 2013

                          • mrmacgoo | Send Message 20 Aug 2012

                            Love to see this oil catch FIRE! ZN to Break towards $2.20 soon!
                              • freefdawatchlist | Send Message 9 May 2012

                                http://bit.ly/ILI1av After hours big gainer: DMD, LYV, QTM, CQB, BCOR, PRIM, MNST, ZN, DIOD, ARAY, TSLA
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                                • Maria Auziliadora | Send Message 10 May 2012
                                  : BCOR flying!!!!
                                  • R ONeil | Send Message 11 Mar 2012
                                      • cudashark | Send Message 18 Feb 2012

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                                        • cudashark | Send Message 25 Feb 2012
                                          : Depends on the Platform and what you want to trade. For Futures I recommend Ninja and Mirus.
                                        • cudashark | Send Message 25 Feb 2012
                                          : Don't be bashful. They want your business more than you need them. They know it and are counting on you not to. Negotiate all commissions!
                                          Company Description
                                          Zion Oil & Gas Inc is an initial stage oil and gas exploration company. It holds three petroleum exploration licenses all onshore Israel, the Megiddo-Jezreel License, the Asher-Menashe License, and the Jordan Valley License.