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Zoetis (ZTS)

  • Jay Fields | Send Message 3 Nov

    $ZTS beats earnings estimates, re-adjusts (upwards) 2016, 2017 guidance
      • ValueWalk | Send Message 8 Oct

        Influencer Interview: Bill Ackman [FULL VIDEO] $HLF $FNMA $FMCC $ZTS $VRX
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        • matratra | Send Message 8 Oct
          : Avoid FMCC, ZTS is fully valued & VRX should be facing legal issues.
          • ValueWalk | Send Message 7 Oct

            Whitney Tilson On $LL $EXACT, And Martin Shkreli $WRLD, $LRN, $IOC $DDD $UNIS $GE $IBB VRX $HLF $ZTS $AGN
              • ValueWalk | Send Message 1 Oct

                Wow Ackman down 12-13% in Sept $VRX $HLF $FNMA $FMCC $AGN $ACT $ZTS $NMD $PAH $HHC
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                • dalatinIJR | Send Message 1 Oct
                  : Last two years hedge funds closing like flys. & the groupies on SA pound the symbols after they announce they bought them & still they stink
                • dalatinIJR | Send Message 1 Oct
                  : If hedge funds couldn't use SA to stipend ( like ) there buys most would close.
                  • Jay Fields | Send Message 24 Sep

                    $VRX gets a $16.5 Bn Luxembourg-based loan, transfers it to U.S. subsidiary that holds Salix. A signal for a large cash/stock deal? $ZTS?
                      • Jay Fields | Send Message 11 Sep

                        Why I'm Still Expecting A Valeant/Zoetis Merger $VRX, $ZTS
                          • Valuentum | Send Message 3 Sep

                            Investors Bet The Farm On Zoetis Buyout $ZTS
                              • Eli Hoffmann, CEO | Send Message 3 Sep

                                Valuentum on $ZTS - investors betting the farm on a buyout that might not happen -
                                  • stockpucker | Send Message 13 Aug

                                    Zoetis: Revisiting The Bill Ackman Target $ZTS
                                      • wazzaofwallst | Send Message 1 Aug

                                        Analysts expect serious growth from $ZTS over the next 3 years:
                                          Company Description
                                          Zoetis Inc discovers, develops, manufactures & commercializes animal health medicines & vaccines for livestock & companion animals. Its products include anti-infectives, vaccines, parasiticides, medicated feed additives & other pharmaceutical products.