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American Capital (ACAS)

  • William Packer | Send Message 30 Mar

    News in after hours! $MCC to start joint venture to increase earnings and dividend. Sector peers: $FSC, $ARCC, $TCAP, $MAIN, $ACAS, $PSEC
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    • chuck holladay | Send Message 30 Mar
      : Do you think this is going to be profitable for the stockholders of $MCC?
    • William Packer | Send Message 30 Mar
      : Yes. This should be accretive to NII in future quarters.
      • Jaded Consumer | Send Message 3 Mar

        Understanding America Capital's 2015 Annual Results $ACAS
          • Terrier Investing | Send Message 27 Feb

            American Capital: Do We Win Or Win Big? $ACAS
              • Albert Alfonso | Send Message 26 Feb

                Anyone have thoughts on $ACAS? Seems like the BDC spinoffs are going to happen soon. BV is $20, discount is 20%.
                  • Alan Stacy | Send Message 24 Feb

                    American Capital Ltd. Quarterly Earnings Release Preview: Keys To Unlocking Shareholder Value $ACAS
                      • Philip Mause | Send Message 14 Jan

                        Beaten Down BDCs: 1. American Capital $ACAS
                          • William Packer | Send Message 12 Jan

                            Article on $TICC now LIVE. $PSEC, $BDCL, $FSC, $AINV, $ACAS, $PNNT, $MCC, $TCAP, $MAIN, $ACSF
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                            • Chancer | Send Message 12 Jan
                              : Is article positive on $TICC?
                            • William Packer | Send Message 12 Jan
                              : yes
                              • Stanislav Ermilov | Send Message 30 Dec 2014

                                American Capital: Acquire Emerging Alternative Asset Manager At Large Discount $ACAS
                                  • William Packer | Send Message 16 Dec 2014

                                    Oil rallies... $MCC bottomed... BDCs bottomed $BDCL. BDC sector will rally. $PSEC, $TCAP, $MAIN, $ARCC, $ACAS
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                                    • pokalolo | Send Message 16 Dec 2014
                                      : Clock it ticking 2015 is near and BDCL will find a loving home with us. A big home for a lot of BDCL
                                      • William Packer | Send Message 10 Dec 2014

                                        $12 target price on $ACAS, which is 0.15x p/b discount from peer group, as always.. no dividend and spin-off funds = external managed vs b4
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                                        • William Packer | Send Message 10 Dec 2014
                                          : think that $ACAS with all it's equity positions and unsecured debt .. etc.. is going to be ok so close to the same valuation...
                                        • William Packer | Send Message 10 Dec 2014
                                          : If $PSEC and $MCC are suspect then $ACAS is suspect too. $ACAS will underperform $PSEC and $MCC in the future.
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                                          Company Description
                                          American Capital Ltd is an asset management and private equity firm. The Company originates, underwrites and manages investments in the middle market private equity, leveraged finance, real estate, energy and structured products.
                                          Sector: Financial
                                          Country: United States