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Alon USA Partners (ALDW)

  • Seeking Excellent Risk/Reward | Send Message 11 Feb

    Alon USA Partners Is An Excellent Income And Growth Proposition $ALDW
      • Albert Alfonso | Send Message 10 Feb

        Alon USA Partners: A Robust Distribution Despite Volatile Oil Prices $ALDW
          • jacobite47 | Send Message 10 Feb

            Sold half my $ALDW for a 26% gain in two weeks.
              • jacobite47 | Send Message 26 Jan

                Interesting article re: $CVRR,$NTI,$ALDW
                  • Albert Alfonso | Send Message 7 Jan

                    Alon USA Partners: A Blue Light Special For This ~20% Yielding Refiner $ALDW, $ALJ
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                    • Sobroke | Send Message 7 Jan
                      : They{aldw} claim a 4 buck dividend, but have never paid near that?
                      • Quantified Alpha | Send Message 20 Dec 2014

                        Other Energy stocks worth playing the bottom for: $WNR $DKL $ALDW $TSO ARLP (2/2)
                          • Marc Goodson | Send Message 17 Dec 2014

                            Alon USA Partners Reconsidered $ALDW
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                            • Robert Hennecke | Send Message 3 Jan
                              : momentum shifting finally for $aldw
                              • Robert Hennecke | Send Message 15 Dec 2014

                                $ALDW and $NTI are ridiculously undervalued. Aldw has a 34 % yield and NTI is ~ 19 %. The wizards of Wall Street are anything but. Losing $
                                  • smalljesse123 | Send Message 26 Nov 2014

                                    $aldw buy this depress oil refiner for great dividend and moderate Stock growth could be a 30 per cent winner
                                      • Tim Plaehn | Send Message 14 Nov 2014

                                        Alon USA Partners Doubles Capacity To Support 15% Yield With Refinery Purchase $ALDW, $ALJ
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                                        • Robert Hennecke | Send Message 20 Nov 2014
                                          : Looks like that doubling just got halved.
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                                          Company Description
                                          Alon USA Partners LP refines crude oil into finished products and markets them in West Texas, Central Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona. Its integrated downstream business operates mainly in South Central & Southwestern regions of the United States.