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Alpha Natural Resources, Inc. (ANR)

  • Eric Muathe | Send Message 15 Apr

    [VIDEO] $STUDY! With Stocks/Life; Anything Is Possible!! $ANR $KOL $DDD $GPRO $PCLN $GOLD $GLD $SPX $ES_F
      • Stock Ticker | Send Message 8 Apr

        Are There Any Potential Upsides In Store For Alpha Natural Resources? $ANR
          • Nasir Khan | Send Message 1 Apr

            A very smart move by $ANR today. Repurchased debt at market value below principal amount by about $260M. Total debt reduced t0 3.65B.
              • J Mintzmyer | Send Message 25 Mar

                I think $ACI and $ANR should merge as equals. I still think both have a fair shot of surviving- certainly greater than $1. Thoughts?
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                • J Mintzmyer | Send Message 31 Mar
                  : It's bad... obviously! But the #1 factor for $ANR is met coal pricing and $ACI just needs stability in the sector.
                • J Mintzmyer | Send Message 31 Mar
                  : Still have another 3 years until we'll be discussing bankruptcy- I think those are pretty decently priced lotto tickets.
                  • Horizon Investments | Send Message 20 Mar

                    Alpha Natural Resources Fails To Attract Investors As Future Looks Bleak $ANR
                      • Renu Singh | Send Message 20 Mar

                        Why There Might Be No Respite For Alpha Natural Resources Despite Its Cost-Cutting Measures $ANR
                          • pl investor | Send Message 19 Mar

                            Thoughts About The Seaborne Met Coal Market $ANR
                              • wigit5 | Send Message 11 Mar

                                $ANR asking shareholders to approve reverse stock split.
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                                • mudderfubber | Send Message 12 Mar
                                  : im jumping off this fing boat the cold water is preferable to enduring any more of the bs lol
                                • wigit5 | Send Message 12 Mar
                                  : Dont worry mudderfubber I'll go down with the ship singing songs of the good old days.
                                  • Robert A. Desmond | Send Message 25 Feb
                                      • cfb5006 | Send Message 25 Feb

                                        I can't understand why $ANR and $ACI don't start buying back some of their debt at these levels. Their debt is sub 20.
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                                        • cfb5006 | Send Message 25 Feb
                                          : I get the need for cash, but at these levels it is worth it to buy some back.
                                        • wigit5 | Send Message 10 Mar
                                          : Why buyback debt when you can just dispose of it in Chapter 7/11
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                                          Company Description
                                          Alpha Natural Resources Inc along with its subsidiaries is engaged in extracting, processing and marketing steam and metallurgical coal from surface and deep mines, and sells it to electric utilities, steel and coke producers, and industrial customers.