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Alpha Natural Resources, Inc. (ANR)

  • wigit5 | Send Message 18h

    $ANR about to close below $1...what a mistake that was... I hope it goes BK so I can begin the healing process.
      • J Mintzmyer | Send Message 27 Jan

        Long $ANR Mar15 $1.50 calls for 7c.
          • thefundamentals | Send Message 20 Jan

            $ACI or $ANR? Which one to reach penny stock first?
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            • wigit5 | Send Message 15h
              : no rise in share price thus dead money for most of 15. Only hope is that the low price in oil and rigs shutting down drastically reduces inv
            • cfb5006 | Send Message 13h
              : ANR is trading at 6% of BV. If even one little thing improves in the coal market this will jump higher.
              • J Mintzmyer | Send Message 16 Jan

                Lots of option expiration pain today: $ANR call $2.50, $SPY put $192 (hedge), $BP call $47, $AMBC call $35, $Z put $60, $TSLA put $60.
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                • tradebr2010 | Send Message 16 Jan
                  : Buy longer term spreads, and it should help with the pain. Also, I'd limit losses to 50%.
                • Atlanta Equity Professional | Send Message 16 Jan
                  : Sorry about that, man. Good for you for admitting the bad calls. So many guys only tell others about their winners.
                  • cfb5006 | Send Message 14 Jan

                    Once $ANR overtakes $ACI, it seems to trend higher, quickly.
                      • wigit5 | Send Message 12 Jan

                        $ANR Paul Vining leaving which means Alpha is losing 25+ years of experience. Ouch...
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                        • cfb5006 | Send Message 13 Jan
                          : He is going to work for a private company where he doesn't have to worry about the stock price every day. Not surprising.
                        • cfb5006 | Send Message 13 Jan
                          : ANR is just like oil. No buyers.
                          • J Mintzmyer | Send Message 12 Jan

                            Long $ANR Feb15 $1.50 calls for 12c.
                              • Elephant Analytics | Send Message 31 Dec 2014

                                Update: Alpha Natural Resources Completes AMFIRE Asset Sale $ANR
                                  • Value Sniper | Send Message 29 Dec 2014

                                    $BTU, $ACI, $ANR, $WLT, $CLD : Wich one offet the best potential ?
                                      • x oil -field | Send Message 27 Dec 2014

                                        "Coal is here to stay for decades to come. Some people don't like this. But it's the truth." $ANR $ACI
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                                        • pokalolo | Send Message 28 Dec 2014
                                          : Yes,ppl like me r sad.I'm not a fan of US EPA,but,they were working on an export ban 4 US coal.Don't know if China/US deal changed US plans
                                        • pokalolo | Send Message 28 Dec 2014
                                          : If EPA does work an ban exports US coal is toast. Since "Climate Change" is US's stated #1 enemy it's makes sense 4 EPA to ban all exports
                                          ANR vs. ETF Alternatives
                                          Company Description
                                          Alpha Natural Resources Inc is a supplier and exporter of metallurgical coal for use in the steel-making process and a supplier of thermal coal to electric utilities and manufacturing industries across the country.