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Anthem, Inc. (ANTM)

  • Wed, Apr. 29, 9:16 AM
    • Anthem (ANTM +2.1%) Q1 results: Revenues: $19,051.5M (+6.7%); SG&A: $3,145.2M (+9.9%); Operating Income: $1,569.1M (+38.8%); Net Income: $865.2M (+25.1%); EPS: $3.09 (+28.8%); Quick Assets: $1,397M (-35.1%); CF Ops: $1,650M (+19.0%).
    • 2015 Guidance: Operating Revenue: ~$78.5B; Benefit expense ratio: 82.9% +/- 30 bps; SG&A expense ratio: 16.1% +/- 30bps; GAAP EPS: >$9.47; Adjusted EPS: >$9.90; Operating Cash Flow: >$3.5B; Medical Membership: 38.2M - 38.4M.
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  • Wed, Apr. 29, 6:13 AM
    • Anthem (NYSE:ANTM): Q1 EPS of $3.14 beats by $0.48.
    • Revenue of $18.85B (+6.9% Y/Y) misses by $510M.
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  • Wed, Apr. 29, 6:11 AM
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  • Tue, Apr. 28, 5:30 PM
  • Thu, Mar. 19, 10:34 AM
    • According to Bloomberg, major providers of Medicare coverage like Humana (HUM +0.9%), WellCare (WCG +0.6%) and Centene (CNC +1.4%) are high on the acquisition radar of large insurers who have relatively modest exposure to the rapidly growing Obamacare-stoked space. Likely suitors would be Aetna (AET +1.3%) and Anthem (ANTM +0.3%).
    • There hasn't been much M&A activity among health insurers due to the uncertainties surrounding the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Now that its implications are better understood, the number of deals should perk up.
    • No bargains are out there, though. S&P's index of health insurers galloped 57% last year. The current valuations for Humana, WellCare and Centene are $26.9B, $4.1B and $8.3B, respectively, all at record levels since at least 2007.
    • Anthem CFO Wayne DeVeydt says his firm will continue to make smaller deals although a larger purchase is not out of the question. Other firms declined to comment.
    • Leerink Partners analyst Ana Gupte says a likely scenario is consolidation among the five largest health insurers: UnitedHealth Group (UNH +0.8%), Anthem, Aetna, Cigna (CI +0.6%) and Humana.
    • Aging baby boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, are driving the increase in Medicare enrollment. Membership is expected to rise to 68.4M in 2023, up more than 25% from this year's 54.4M. Medicaid is projected to add 9.3M people over the same time frame.
  • Wed, Mar. 4, 12:11 PM
    • Hospitals rally on comments from Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, often a swing vote in important cases. He says there is a powerful point to the Obama administration's argument that the Affordable Care Act would fall apart if the subsidies were ruled invalid.
    • The Court is currently hearing arguments in the case King v. Burwell, which challenges federal subsidies in states that did not create their own health insurance exchanges. Its final decision will not be announced until June, though.
    • Hospitals and health insurers have the most at stake. They have benefited greatly since the law was signed in 2010. To date, 11.4M Americans have signed up for coverage in 2015, giving both groups more paying customers and potentially cutting the number of non-paying emergency room visits. If the subsidies were ruled invalid then many people would drop coverage due to the higher cost.
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  • Wed, Feb. 25, 1:53 AM
    • Anthem (NYSE:ANTM), which earlier this month reported that it was hit by a massive cyberbreach, has concluded that the personal information of 78.8M customers was exposed in the attack, including 8.8M-18.8M people who were members of independently run Blue Cross Blue Shield plans.
    • The company still believes the hacked data was restricted to birthdays and Social Security numbers, among other data, but doesn’t appear to have involved medical information or financial details.
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  • Wed, Feb. 18, 8:30 AM
    • Anthem (NYSE:ANTM) completes its acquisition of Simply Healthcare Holdings, a provider for 21,000 Medicare and 177,000 Medicaid members in 60 Florida counties, for an undisclosed sum. The transaction increases Anthem's patient base in the state to over 500,000.
    • The addition of Simply Healthcare will be neutral to Anthem's earnings this year, which remains unchanged at greater than $9.30 per share.
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  • Fri, Feb. 13, 11:31 AM
    • Dennis Ruhl of the JPMorgan Intrepid Value fund sees some potential bargains hatching in the slumping energy sector, and he particularly favors ConocoPhillips (NYSE:COP).
    • Ruhl says COP looks better than its energy peers from a momentum standpoint, and likes that the company was one of the first to cut capex in response to the collapse in energy prices and has done so aggressively.
    • COP trades at just 1.5x book value vs. the energy sector average of 1.8x and the S&P 500's 2.8x; the stock boasts a 4.3% dividend yield, which Ruhl believes is safe.
    • The fund manager's other four favorite value picks are ANTM, NOC, HPQ and KR.
  • Thu, Feb. 12, 6:51 AM
    • Anthem (NYSE:ANTM) has announced that its millions of customers will be able to sign up for free credit monitoring and identity-theft protection services after disclosing a massive data breach, affecting 80M customers, last week.
    • "Consumers will be able to sign up for these services, which will be offered free of charge for two years, beginning Friday," Anthem spokeswoman Kristin Binns said in an emailed statement.
  • Wed, Feb. 11, 2:41 AM
    • Ten U.S. states have sent a letter to Anthem (NYSE:ANTM) complaining that the company has been too slow in alerting clients that they were victims of a massive data breach disclosed last week.
    • "Anthem must commit to reimbursing consumers for any losses associated with this breach during the time period between the breach and the date that the company provides access to credit and identity theft safeguards," said the letter.
    • Previously: National probe opened on Anthem data breach (Feb. 07 2015)
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  • Sat, Feb. 7, 1:41 PM
    • The National Association of Insurance Commissioners, a group representing state regulators, has announced the launch of an investigation into the recent data breach at Anthem (NYSE:ANTM).
    • The health insurer revealed on Thursday that hackers had broke into its database containing the personal information of about 80M customers and employees.
    • Anthem said it welcomes the review and "will cooperate fully."
    • Previously: Anthem didn’t encrypt data (Feb. 06 2015)
    • Previously: Data breach reported at Anthem (Feb. 05 2015)
  • Fri, Feb. 6, 2:29 AM
    • Anthem (NYSE:ANTM) stored the social security numbers of 80M customers without encrypting them to make it easier for employees to track health care trends and share data with states and health providers, WSJ reports.
    • Health insurers don’t always encrypt members’ data, and aren’t required to do so under the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.
    • Previously: Data breach reported at Anthem (Feb. 05 2015)
    • ANTM -3% AH
  • Thu, Feb. 5, 2:18 AM
    • Anthem (NYSE:ANTM), the U.S.'s second-largest health insurer, said hackers broke into a database containing personal information for about 80M of its customers and employees in what is likely to be the biggest data breach disclosed by a health-care company.
    • The health insurer said the breach exposed "names, birthdays, street addresses, social security numbers and employment information, including income data," but added that no financial information, including credit card details, was compromised.
  • Wed, Jan. 28, 4:03 PM
    • A study done by researchers from New York and Columbia Universities found that premiums were slightly higher for policies offered on state-run health exchanges where there were higher numbers of competitors, precisely the opposite effect that supposedly characterizes more intense competition.
    • Overall, average monthly premiums were $5.71 higher per additional insurer (p<0.001). In addition, average monthly premiums were $3.18 higher per additional insurer for identical plans offered.
    • The analysis focused on the prices for each unique insurance plan offered on the exchanges in each geographic rating area. The number of rating areas varied widely in the 34 states examined, from only one in NJ, NH and DE to 67 in FL.
    • The authors acknowledge that the higher premiums may be due to higher cost areas (urban vs rural) where more insurers are located rather than a lack of competition.
  • Wed, Jan. 28, 9:56 AM
    • Anthem (ANTM +0.5%) Q4 results: Revenues: $18,984.3M (+6.0%); Operating Expenses: $17,890.7M (+3.9%); Operating Income: $887.1M (+88.8%); Net Income: $506.7M (+64.0%); EPS: $1.80 (+267.3%).
    • FY2014 results: Revenues: $73,874.1M (+4.0%); Operating Expenses: $68,603.3M (+3.6%); Operating Income: $4,368.1M (+13.7%); Net Income: $2,560.1M (-2.8%); EPS: $8.99 (+9.6%); Quick Assets: $2,151.7M (+36.0%); CF Ops: $3,369.3M (+10.4%).
    • 2015 Guidance: Operating Revenue: $78.0B - 78.5B; Benefit expense ratio: 83.0% +/- 30 bps; SG&A expense ratio: 16.1% +/- 30bps; Operating Gain: >$4.75B; GAAP EPS: >$9.30; Adjusted EPS: >$9.70; Operating Cash Flow: >$3.5B; Medical Membership: 38M - 38.2M.
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Anthem Incis a health benefits company which offers a spectrum of network-based managed care plans to the large and small employer, individual, Medicaid andMedicaremarkets.
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