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Venaxis, Inc. (APPY)

  • pat45 | Send Message 22 Apr

    $APPY to start sales in Spain soon
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    • pat45 | Send Message 22 Apr
      : APPY euro partner laboratories Rubio is finishing studies and will launch in 17 Spanish hospitals soon. In SEC Filings from event on 4/7.
    • pat45 | Send Message 22 Apr
      : They did get CE can sell in Europe
      • Daniel Ward | Send Message 21 Apr

        Why Numerous Upside Scenarios Make Venaxis A Biotech To Buy $APPY
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        • ceristeare | Send Message 21 Apr
          : Appy1 + sonogram = no brainer. It should be standard practice over CT scan.
        • Daniel Ward | Send Message 21 Apr
          : That combo certainly does seem to have a lot of potential if they can get APPY1 through the FDA
          • Martin_Kostka | Send Message 15 Apr

            BUY $APPY 0.50 3X
              • pat45 | Send Message 29 Jan

                Bot $APPY .56 it has .80 cash but .43 burn and don't know how long till test approved in USA . Has CE Mark
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                • pat45 | Send Message 29 Jan
                  : I have been in and out of this one will hold a while now. Hope can prove equivalent soon.
                  • stem23 | Send Message 9 Dec 2014

                    $APPY - If FDA has no further inquiries, expect FDA announce no later then March. Company is confident of response to FDA questions
                      • pat45 | Send Message 4 Dec 2014

                        Bot back $APPY sales soon in Europe where it is approved and meeting with FDA soon.
                          • Blair O'Neill | Send Message 29 Oct 2014

                            Venaxis: Latest Clinical Data Reveals Huge Market Potential $APPY
                              • stem23 | Send Message 27 Oct 2014

                                $APPY STOCK MOVES on
                                  • wrc123 | Send Message 9 Oct 2014

                                    $APPY FDA file should be around November...according to CEO interview by
                                      • shofimafi | Send Message 8 Oct 2014

                                        $APPY Looks like the FDA refile is any day now
                                          APPY vs. ETF Alternatives
                                          Company Description
                                          Venaxis Inc is engaged in the development and commercialization of products that address unmet diagnostic and therapeutic needs.