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American Realty Capital Properties Inc (ARCP)

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    Today's Top 5 Stock Picks: Safe REITs Yielding 5% $ARCP #investing #REIT #specialsituation
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    • Pursuing Financial Freedom | Send Message 3h
      : When the dividend is reinstated and if it is sufficient yield, then investors will regain interest. Problem is,there were some flat out lies
    • TMFDeej | Send Message 7m
      : There's no doubt that the previous regime was scummy. That's why I never owned it until they were booted. Div reinstatement is key.
      • Cash King | Send Message 22 May

        Sold $APPL at $132.50 for a good three day gain. Looking at $ARCP now.
          • Achilles Research | Send Message 19 May

            American Realty Capital Properties: Time To Risk A Position? $ARCP
              • Reuben Gregg Brewer | Send Message 11 May

                ARCP: 3 Takeaways From Q1 Earnings $ARCP
                  • TMFDeej | Send Message 7 May

                    $ARCP Q1 results look good. FFO up Y-O-Y. Troubled Cole contribution small & flat. Stock should do well once distribution is reinstated
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                    • TraderJoeF | Send Message 7 May
                      : Yup.
                      • TMFDeej | Send Message 7 May

                        $ARCP American Realty Capital plans dividend announcement in three months #investing #REIT #specialsituation
                          • Sharpe Ratio | Send Message 5 May

                            Bought $ARCP May/July $9 calls. Any dips under$9 should be bought
                              • webbersworld | Send Message 5 May

                                Added to $ARCP at $8.94.
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                                • Thalidomide Baby | Send Message 10 May
                                  : I picked up a few more shares last week under $9, too.
                                • webbersworld | Send Message 10 May
                                  : Nice.. hope for the best.
                                  • webbersworld | Send Message 5 May

                                    Am I crazy to consider buying $ARCP at below $9? I'd love to avg down a bit.
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                                    • SeriousCat | Send Message 5 May
                                      : as an investment? yes. as a trade? depends on your timeline.
                                    • webbersworld | Send Message 5 May
                                      : Long term investment in retirement account.
                                      • Reuben Gregg Brewer | Send Message 21 Apr

                                        ARCP: In Case You Forgot About The Lingering Risks $ARCP
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                                          Company Description
                                          American Realty Capital Properties Inc is a self-managed real estate company that acquires, owns and operates single-tenant, free-standing commercial real estate properties mainly subject to long-term net leases with high credit quality tenants.
                                          Sector: Financial
                                          Country: United States