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Atlas Resource Partners, L.P. (ARP)

  • Emptyeternity | Send Message 23 Apr

    Holy Trinity of Dividend Payors with a nice selection of diversity: $MORL, $SLVO, $ARP
      • dantes1 | Send Message 22 Apr

        The EV At 14.4.of $ARP would be 2.5b. Reduce debt cost by 2% and further consolidate and it's a winner! Linn where are you?
          • muldoon1959 | Send Message 21 Apr

            Props to Ocean Man for taking the lead in oil patch bargain hunting months ago. It has saved my keister. GO $ARP, $TPLM, many others!
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            • brendang0027 | Send Message 22 Apr
              : Agreed Muldoon, trying to get back into $ARP but don't seem to have a chance. My $CRK position took beating this week. $DTO is rocking
              • Ocean Man | Send Message 21 Apr

                $VNR acquires $LRE. Get ready $ARP, you're next.
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                • mattbird | Send Message 21 Apr
                  : ARP green, day after day, irregardless of what oil does. Good clue.
                • mstar991 | Send Message 21 Apr
                  : $LRE should have been worth 10$ +++
                  • neobliviscar | Send Message 20 Apr

                    So much for the Friday Dip-Blip. Back to business as normal. Just a wall of green on the screen. [ Go $ARP go! Buyout $16-$20? ]
                      • Ocean Man | Send Message 16 Apr

                        Ocean Man's Pick for Most Likely to be Acquired by Year-End in the Oil Patch goes to.... $ARP.
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                        • Johnwo2003 | Send Message 20 Apr
                          : Yes what a great pick! Now let's see if ARP will be acquired and I hope FSC will pull the same as ARP.
                        • Stephen J Melnykevich | Send Message 20 Apr
                          : what's a realistic buyout price and time frame? Oil may start to move higher so it will be itneresting to see how it plays out.
                          • Inzaghi009 | Send Message 9 Apr

                            sold all my $ARP. Too complicated to own this stock being a Canadian as per filing US taxes. Good luck all! I was hoping to hold until $10+
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                            • Wine Maker | Send Message 10 Apr
                              : Bingo :-) See? The IRS ain't so bad after all ;-)
                            • Inzaghi009 | Send Message 10 Apr
                              : well i got out of $ARP. Got lots of $TPLM, $CRK, $SN, $SLCA still though. Thanks!
                              • Inzaghi009 | Send Message 9 Apr

                                Received a K-1 form for $ARP. I'm Canadian. Any help on what i have to do?
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                                • Inzaghi009 | Send Message 9 Apr
                                  : hey thanks! Yeah I looked into it. I don't think ARP made any profit so I'll just claim their distribution on my local taxes
                                • Inzaghi009 | Send Message 9 Apr
                                  : and i think I have to file for a non-resident tax number and a 1040 form?
                                  • Wine Maker | Send Message 5 Apr

                                    Happy Easter, everyone! Y.O.L.T. :-) $ORC, $PSEC, $FSC, $ARCC, $CEFL, $MORL, $MAIN, $OAKS, $ARP
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                                    • ReaperLynx | Send Message 5 Apr
                                      : Long, $ORC, $PSEC, $FSC, $CEFL, $MORL, $ARP, $HRZN, $HLSS, $ARCP! Happy Easter right back at you.....what's Y.O.L.T.? :o) >
                                    • Wine Maker | Send Message 5 Apr
                                      : YOLT - You Only Live Twice ;-)
                                      • PawnPower | Send Message 31 Mar

                                        So New Atlas is selling all its stake in $ARP ??
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                                        • PawnPower | Send Message 31 Mar
                                          : Anyone is New Atlas $ATLS selling all its stake in $ARP ? Just saw an S-3 on ARP website
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                                          Company Description
                                          Atlas Resource Partners LP is a publicly-traded master-limited partnership. The Company is an independent developer and producer of natural gas, crude oil and natural gas liquids, with operations in basins across the United States.
                                          Country: United States