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Atlas Resource Partners, L.P. (ARP)

  • dantes1 | Send Message 17h

    Me thinks this $ARP dip is daft. Only upstream down. Only one going to pull a LINN? No way.
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    • sheldond | Send Message 16h
      : Looking forward to Friday's call...I have a trade on and a plan to recoup losses they don't have to do much just put the fires out
    • dantes1 | Send Message 16h
      : what is your plan?
      • joeliebig | Send Message 17h

        Good news: $ARP doing better than $AAPL today
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        • dantes1 | Send Message 17h
          : I actually bought APPLE at $123. Shame I sold at $127
        • Debutant | Send Message 4h
          : And I hereby baptise and rename it AARPLE
          • dantes1 | Send Message 21h

            G'day fellow Arpies. VNR & MCEP action interesting to see. $ARP: large specs shortest since march (CFTC) so oil bounces hard soon,from $43?
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            • dantes1 | Send Message 19h
              : simply down. down when copper is down and don't think it produces much of that.
            • Debutant | Send Message 1h
              : $ARP correlates 100% and only to Atlas Resource Partners. No correlation to anything else
              • markrpat | Send Message 3 Aug

                $ARP and other MLPs...I can only imagine the pain going on. Relatively small position here, and I'm feeling it. Wish all the best, really.
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                • dantes1 | Send Message 21h
                  : Large specs from CFTC biggest short since March. So we are due an oil bounce, Maybe we see $43 first.
                • D-struction | Send Message 20h
                  : 43 is THE bottom. Looking forward to it.
                  • Domitian | Send Message 3 Aug

                    $ARP - wow checking this one is never fun. Glad i never initiated final positions. Will wait for trend reversal before even considering it
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                    • dantes1 | Send Message 11h
                      : I meant the API crude report. Said 2.4mmbbls draw. EIA tomorrow.
                    • dalatinIJR | Send Message 11h
                      : SA news will link it at exactly 13:30 AM
                      • PawnPower | Send Message 3 Aug

                        $ARP crystal ball officially broke. Mr. Market is pricing in a div elimination just like LINE. ARP & LINE trading history very similiar.
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                        • dantes1 | Send Message 3 Aug
                          : I agree but I think dividend will stay. 2q(history) will be good and if +ve call does that matter? MEMP is hedged thru18 and down same.
                        • PawnPower | Send Message 3 Aug
                          : I know. Mr. Market is broken, it is not pricing MLPs fairly, simply pricing them all together. I would be fine with 8-8.5 cents on the div.
                          • ml19 | Send Message 3 Aug

                            Oil free fall. $ARP $SLCA $SN: Anyone catching these?
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                            • PawnPower | Send Message 3 Aug
                              : I averaged down at $3.82 at div annoucement. I had thought it was at the bottom, but I am surprised every week.
                              • mattbird | Send Message 3 Aug

                                $USO well that doesn't look good. $ERX $TPLM $ARP $SN
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                                • dantes1 | Send Message 3 Aug
                                  : good question,ml19. A month,maybe even 3. Depends on speed of move too. If we see $35 I would expect $452-3 weeks later.
                                • dantes1 | Send Message 3 Aug
                                  : market looking also at fall refinery turnarounds which could spell major trouble for crude
                                  • Xvansan | Send Message 3 Aug

                                    $ARP...even more ouch
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                                    • Tom Landry | Send Message 3 Aug
                                      : dantes, do you like MLPL?
                                    • dantes1 | Send Message 3 Aug
                                      : TOm I have never looked at it. However, I do think all MLPs being overly pummelled.
                                      • FortSumter | Send Message 3 Aug

                                        $ARP When I do my daily head shake at ARP, I wonder if somehow they're associated with 3d printers.
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                                        • Tom Landry | Send Message 3 Aug
                                          : Oh my, -13% now.
                                        • FortSumter | Send Message 3 Aug
                                          : Stop the madness!
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                                          Company Description
                                          Atlas Resource Partners LP is a publicly-traded master-limited partnership. The Company is an independent developer and producer of natural gas, crude oil and natural gas liquids, with operations in basins across the United States.
                                          Country: United States