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Banro Corporation (BAA)

  • The Investment Doctor | Send Message 23 Jun

    Banro Is Making Good Progress, But Will It Be Sufficient? $BAA
      • flip23 | Send Message 23 Jun

        did anyone read the seeking alpha PRO article on $BAA?
          • flip23 | Send Message 13 Jun

            BAAnkrock--Any news from $BAA or answers about listing agreements? LONG $BAA
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            • BAAnkrock | Send Message 16 Jun
              : That's what Martin Jones answered me on June 5th 2015. I do apologize for not sharing it right away. It sure motivates me to stay long.
            • flip23 | Send Message 16 Jun
              : Thank You--Long $BAA
              • flip23 | Send Message 4 Jun

                $BAA-big buy right before bell
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                • BAAnkrock | Send Message 5 Jun
                  : $BAA -- staying firm while Gold at 1162.63 - New low since 03/19 - New support level at 1150.
                • BAAnkrock | Send Message 5 Jun
                  : $BAA -- Little volume though. Trading only 391,304 shares at 11:46 Everybody waiting for the Big Players to make their move?
                  • flip23 | Send Message 3 Jun

                    $BAA any recommendations on platinum miners?
                      • BAAnkrock | Send Message 3 Jun

                        I sent my question to IR of $BAA again, should I get an answer I surely will post and share it here with all of you. !Book Value over $1,80!
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                        • BAAnkrock | Send Message 4 Jun
                          : $BAA & If anybody wants to ask them about listing agreements as well. Maybe we get an answer sooner then?!
                          • BAAnkrock | Send Message 3 Jun

                            $BAA - I am sorry that nobody answered here, but at the low today @ ,2700 I raised my position I hold (could have sold more @ ,40 though)
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                            • flip23 | Send Message 3 Jun
                              : Gold at 1186.2 right now
                            • BAAnkrock | Send Message 3 Jun
                              : well I am talking about support value, has to go deeper than 1180. Gold already is dumped very much. IMHO worth well over 1300 right now
                              • BAAnkrock | Send Message 3 Jun

                                $BAA - but haven't got any answer still. Maybe they are running it with their legal department first?! Does anybody know something about it?
                                  • BAAnkrock | Send Message 3 Jun

                                    $BAA - I asked the Company whether they had a special arrangement with the index for not becoming delisted after trading below 0,50 so long
                                      • undervaluedgemfinder | Send Message 24 May

                                        $BAA~ CHEAPEST share price LOWEST All-in sustaining Cost(AISC) gold company in the industry Read More:
                                          Visit Seeking Alpha's
                                          BAA vs. ETF Alternatives
                                          Company Description
                                          Banro Corp through its subsidiaries, is engaged in the exploration and development of its gold properties, including Twangiza, Namoya, Lugushwa and Kamituga.
                                          Industry: Gold
                                          Country: Canada