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BHP Billiton plc (BBL)

  • TF17 | Send Message 8 Jul

    Continuing small purchases of $BBL as it drops. Up to a 50% position now. Falling knife, etc., etc... But it is a good company.
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    • Ted Fischer | Send Message 10 Jul
      : Reversed last purchase for quick gain. Down to a 40% position with an effective cost basis of $40.15.
    • TraderJoeF | Send Message 10 Jul
      : no one went broke taking money off the table
      • LD Investments | Send Message 6 Jul

        Outlook For BHP Billiton's '4 Pillars' $BBL, $BHP
          • DividendDeveloper | Send Message 25 Jun

            Sold $BBL, $SOUHY. Bought $DIS, $HSY, $JPM, $PCP with the proceeds.
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            • Cash King | Send Message 27 Jun
              : it realizing/knowing this is just short term.
            • BruceLee1984 | Send Message 27 Jun
              : I guess time will tell Thanks for your insights I was thinking of recently purchasing BBL. Am really strongly considering HSY since its < 90
              • Pursuing Financial Freedom | Send Message 8 Jun

                Today a lot of traders just became investors. $SN, $AAL, $BBL, $KSS, $UNP, $IBM, $CVX, $QCOM, $CBI, $DGAZ
                  • J. A. Saglimbeni | Send Message 7 Jun

                    Forgotten Portfolio Update-May 2015 $BBL, $BCPC, $DLR
                      • Dividend Growth Investor | Send Message 3 Jun

                        How to become a successful dividend investor $BF.B $BF.A $JNJ $BBL $MDLZ $KHC $MO $PM
                          • Copious28 | Send Message 2 Jun

                            All these spin-offs are cluttering up my trading account $PPL / $TLN, $BBL / $SOUHY, $BAX / ?.
                              • SMurray85 | Send Message 2 Jun

                                Anyone hold $BBL at Computershare instead of a trad. brokerage? Looks like I am being issued a check in place of SOUHY shares.
                                  • Pursuing Financial Freedom | Send Message 1 Jun

                                    Stalking $JNJ sub99.50, $BBL sub41.35, $BP sub40.25. Almost there on all.
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                                    • Pursuing Financial Freedom | Send Message 4 Jun
                                      : Looks like I may get to make the initial buy in $BBL today. I think I will set a limit order for $41.15. looking to accumulate to medium pos
                                      • Seeking Early Retirement | Send Message 26 May

                                        BHP Billiton's Lower Share Price After South32 Spin-Off Means Another Attractive Entry Point $BHP, $BBL
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                                          Company Description
                                          BHP Billiton PLC is engaged in minerals exploration, development, production & processing, and oil & gas exploration, development and production.