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Barclays PLC (BCS)

  • May. 4, 2010, 1:32 PM
    “The markets were in free fall," says the man who used to head the fixed-income loan business for Lehman Brothers (LEHMQ.PK), suggesting Barclays (BCS) got no "secret" $5B discount on securities when it bought Lehman's brokerage. James Seery was testifying in day two of a trial in which Lehman seeks $11B from Barclays.
  • May. 4, 2010, 9:10 AM
    Premarket gainers: NTRI +15%. PWAV +11%. IPXL +10%. CRXX +10%. ANN +5%.
    Losers: LF -16%. RDN -9%. ALVR -9%. SIRI -8%. ABK -8%. BBVA -8%. ING -7%. NBG -7%. BZH -7%. LYG -7%. STD -6%. HOLX -5%. CTIC -5%. PMI -5%. PEI -5%. DAI -5%. DB -4%. BAX -4%. PXP -4%. SHOO -4%. TSEM -4%. UBS -4%. BCS -4%. CS -4%. MT -4%. ALV -4%. MBI -4%. AIXG -4%.
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  • Apr. 30, 2010, 9:00 AM
    Premarket gainers: APKT +27%. PWER +22%. CSTR +22%. CSUN +10%. AERG +8%. JRCC +8%. DNDN +7%. YRCW +7%. SWKS +5%. DHI +5%. AIXG +5%. VSEA +5%. KERX +4%. RAS +4%. VCLK +4%.
    Losers: ATHN -20%. MFE -11%. APPY -9%. WFR -8%. AXL -6%. BCS -6%. NMM -6%. GS -5%. FEN -5%. ATPG -4%. RIG -4%. HAL -4%.
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  • Apr. 30, 2010, 7:39 AM
    Barclays' (BCS) I-banking unit saw revenue fall 26% in Q1 to £3.8B ($5.8B), missing consensus estimates of £4.9B. Overall, Barclays' net income rose to £1.07B from £826M in Q1 2009. Money set aside for impairment charges and loan defaults dropped to £1.51B from £2.31B the year before.
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  • Apr. 14, 2010, 6:50 PM
    No wonder CME Group (CME +3%) isn't happy about the released details of the Lehman Brothers (LEHMQ.PK) auction: We haven't seen a giveaway like this since the days of Russian privatization, Felix Salmon says. Essentially, Barclays (BCS +4.3%) walked with $335M, DRW Trading with $303M, and Goldman Sachs (GS +3.2%) with $450M.
  • Apr. 14, 2010, 12:44 PM
    A bankruptcy judge agrees with the examiner for Lehman Brothers (LEHMQ.PK) to unseal censored details of a $2B auction of Lehman collateral, over the objections of auctionholder CME Group (CME). Examiner Anton Valukas says the auction caused $1.2B in losses and that Lehman may have grounds to sue Goldman Sachs (GS) and Barclays (BCS).
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  • Mar. 27, 2010, 3:15 PM
    NXP BV, the Dutch chipmaker bought by KKR four years ago, may be planning the year's largest IPO. Sources say NXP plans to raise at least $1B to cut debt and has hired several banks (MS, BCS, CS, DB, GS) to handle the stock sale.
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  • Mar. 19, 2010, 8:18 AM
    Lehman Brothers (LEHMQ.PK) files new allegations against Barclays (BCS), saying the bank received a $13B windfall profit when it bought Lehman's U.S. operations in 2008. Lehman claims Barclays unfairly got a $5B discount on Lehman's $70B book of securities and paid less than the promised $2B in bonuses to former Lehman employees.
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  • Mar. 19, 2010, 7:30 AM
    Lloyds (LYG) surprises investors by saying it expects to return to profit this year as its trading performance improves, impairments ease and costs remain tightly controlled. The news boosts U.K. banking stocks: LYG +9.1%, RBS +5.2%, BCS +0.7%.
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  • Mar. 18, 2010, 6:34 PM's lawyer Glenn Ostrager explains why the banks (BCS, BAC, MS) took on his firm, when much bigger fish (Reuters, Dow Jones, Bloomberg...) regularly regurgitate sell-side research: "The plaintiffs' plan is to select probably one of, if not the, smallest player on the Street, with the most limited resources, and pursue this claim so that they then, with that advantage, can go to Bloomberg and others."
  • Mar. 16, 2010, 8:11 AM
    Before there was Lehman, there was UBS (UBS), at least in the eyes of Barclays (BCS). The bank had viewed UBS as its preferred merger target just weeks before it bought Lehman's (LEHMQ.PK) U.S. assets, highlighting Barclays' risk appetite as it worked to build one of the world's largest I-banks.
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  • Mar. 14, 2010, 1:39 PM
    Barclays (BCS) tries something new to optimize sales: Its new phone banking system will connect clients with low credit scores to Indian call centers, while wealthy clients will speak to a U.K. rep. The goal is for the British staff to potentially be able to sell to every caller.
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  • Mar. 13, 2010, 8:00 AM
    More Lehman report: A deal for Barclays (BCS) to buy Lehman Brothers (LEHMQ.PK) may have been scotched by U.K. regulators. A submission from Britain's Financial Services Authority contradicts claims in former Treasury Sec. Henry Paulson's book.
  • Mar. 11, 2010, 4:55 PM
    More from the Lehman Brothers (LEHMQ.PK) examiner's report: JPMorgan Chase (JPM) and Citigroup (C) helped cause the illiquidity that led to Lehman's collapse. Misleading statements were certified by CEO Dick Fuld, CFO Erin Callan and others, he says. And in the deal with Barclays (BCS), a limited amount of assets were “improperly transferred to Barclays.”
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  • Mar. 10, 2010, 12:43 PM
    With Barclays (BCS) on the prowl for U.S. retail assets, regional banks are riding higher today: Zions Bancorp. (ZION) up 4.9%; Regions Financial (RF) up 4.9%; Huntington Bancshares (HBAN) up 2.8%. The three were up 5-8% at the markets' intraday highs earlier.
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  • Mar. 10, 2010, 10:14 AM
    Barclays (BCS +0.7%) is emerging as one of the winners from the financial crisis and is reportedly scouting for an acquisition in the U.S. But investors and regulators may have other ideas. “Very few European banks have made a success of buying U.S. retail banks, and almost all have lost their shirts doing it."
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