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UBS ETRACS 2X Leveraged Long Wells Fargo Business Development Company ETN (BDCL)

  • madpup | Send Message 10 Jun

    Bought $BDCL today @ 20.75
      • GGjr | Send Message 8 Jun
          • GGjr | Send Message 8 Jun

            Could A Classic DGI Strategy Go The Way Of Buggy Whips? Welcome To The New Age: The... $MORL, $CEFL, $BDCL
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            • Wine Maker | Send Message 8 Jun
              : Hilariously good stuff! Thanks!!!!!
              • Cash King | Send Message 8 May

                Ideas for best BDC out there? Not $BDCL, $PSEC, $ACAS, $ARCC, and $FSIC
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                • losbronces | Send Message 8 May
                  : $MAIN, like $HTGC, has some equity upside. Be aware that $MAIN does have some energy exposure as you might expect w/Houston base.
                • Cash King | Send Message 8 May
                  : @losbronces Thanks for the energy warning. I'm not too concerned with that as long as they can manage it. Seems they are doing well so far.
                  • James Bjorkman | Send Message 28 Apr

                    ETN Showdown: BDCL Vs. MORL $BDCL
                      • Nick Mackintosh | Send Message 27 Apr

                        Most likely selling $AGNC & $DX before $AGNC earnings so I can convert to $MORL & $BDCL
                          • chuck holladay | Send Message 8 Apr

                            $BDCL is going x-date 4/9/15 paying .8265 for the quarter
                              • Lance Brofman | Send Message 30 Mar

                                BDCL April Dividend Brings Yield To 18.1% $BDCL
                                  • Darren McCammon | Send Message 22 Mar

                                    Is The YMBC Portfolio Correlation Increasing? $BDCL, $MORL, $DVHL
                                      • madpup | Send Message 18 Mar

                                        Does anyone have an opinion as to why $BDCL did not participate in today's Mega stock rally?
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                                        • pokalolo | Send Message 19 Mar
                                          : over some of the actual BDC symbols I also own.A bad news event hits the individual 1s hard,but, the ETN smooths it out >)
                                        • chuck holladay | Send Message 20 Mar
                                          : $BDCL is certainly bouncing today.
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                                          The ETRACS 2xLeveraged Long Wells Fargo Business Development Company Index is designed to track a leveraged investment in the Wells Fargo Business Development Company Index (the "Index"), and pay a variable quarterly coupon linked to the leveraged cash distributions associated with the underlying Business Development Company ("BDC") constituents, less financing costs and investor fees.
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                                          Sector: Financial
                                          Country: United States
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