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BHP Billiton Limited (BHP)

  • Capitalist Bull | Send Message 28 Jan

    Short setups broke down today and plenty more ready to breakdown. $SPY $QQQ $TRIP $CSIQ $BHP $DDD $HAL $DB $SAN
      • luckypeter | Send Message 28 Jan

        $DAX futures 10,690, $BHP projected a 0.10% decline at opening. Idx closed at 10,628, P/M now at 10,704.<> Feel both futures & P/M are high
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        • luckypeter | Send Message 28 Jan
          : As usual, most trades, counter TRENDING, ELEVATOR DOWN ONLY TRADES,.. You want to be looking down on all trades, expecting DOWNTREND $DAX.
          • luckypeter | Send Message 27 Jan

            AUS miner ADR $BHP opened 28.91 -0.13%, projecting Ger xetra $DAX NEG open, ~ - 0.10%, agrees with fut at,<> chart pattern NEG
              • ColoradoWealthManagementFund | Send Message 27 Jan

                BHP Billiton And The Giant Demerger $BHP
                  • Sure Dividend | Send Message 27 Jan

                    Why the Chowder Rule is so much more than soup: $HP $BHP $PM $ENB $UNH $AWR
                      • Chris Lau | Send Message 26 Jan

                        $CLF dividend cut, as predicted 4 months ago (humbled). Who's next $FCX ? $VALE $BHP $RIO ? $BBEP ?
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                        • Albert Alfonso | Send Message 27 Jan
                          : BBEP is all but a given. BHP is more like a coin flip.
                          • Investor RockieK | Send Message 26 Jan

                            Australia capturing iron ore market share - $FSUMF $BHP vs $RIO $VALE
                              • Vetr | Send Message 21 Jan

                                One casualty out of many to come from the drop in oil prices? $BHP
                                  • gawilley | Send Message 21 Jan

                                    $BHP - Ouch! Shutting 40% of shale rigs down. $HP, $PES, $BHI also hurting. Section A4 #1
                                      • Sure Dividend | Send Message 21 Jan

                                        See The Top 6 Sure Dividend / Chowder Rule Stocks: $HP $BHP $PM $ENB $UNH $AWR
                                          BHP vs. ETF Alternatives
                                          Company Description
                                          BHP Billiton Ltd is a natural resources company. The Company is engaged in the producing commodities, including iron ore, metallurgical and energy coal, conventional and unconventional oil and gas, copper, aluminium, manganese, uranium, nickel and silver.