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BlackRock Kelso Capital (BKCC)

  • pokalolo | Send Message 5 Mar

    $BKCC and another BDC beats > two days to beats >)
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    • Macreeze | Send Message 5 Mar
      : Might take a nibble though, PE is low enough methinks
    • pokalolo | Send Message 5 Mar
      : I never like to buy on good news,. I'm a bad news buyer or at least wait for those triple digit down days
      • BDC Buzz | Send Message 19 Sep 2014

        BlackRock Kelso Capital: BDC Risk Profiles $BKCC
          • Nicholas Marshi | Send Message 4 Aug 2014

            BlackRock Kelso: Why We Went From Bear To Bull. $BKCC
              • William Packer | Send Message 7 May 2014

                $BKCC, A solid BDC that has been growing NAV despite overpaying on it's dividend for some time (the NII was not covering).
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                • William Packer | Send Message 7 May 2014
                  : The stock price tumbled, though, on something that is really good news... Company can still distribute one-time capital gains at year end
                • William Packer | Send Message 7 May 2014
                  : So the real yield might not be changed all that much. It depends... if the company decides to hang onto that capital or pay it out.
                  • Christopher Lum Lee | Send Message 11 Feb 2014

                    Valuing BlackRock Kelso Capital Corporation $BKCC
                      • Derek A. Barrett | Send Message 31 Dec 2013

                        Sold some really old Great Recession zombie dogs to harvest tax loss: $AIG, $C, $BKCC, $HPQ
                          • John McCoy | Send Message 1 Jun 2013

                            Long on BDCs for dividend income, long $BKCC and $PSEC, liking $ACAS for long term capital gain potential and future restored dividends.
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                            • Ocean Man | Send Message 2 Jun 2013
                              : Nice pullback on $SLRC. I bought some Friday. Agree on ACAS.
                              • Fred Piard | Send Message 31 Jan 2013

                                Not bad so far to have $DX, $PSEC, $BKCC, $TICC in our Dividend Quantitative Portfolio
                                  • DAG Investments | Send Message 7 Jan 2013

                                    $EEP, $CVE, $T, $NYCB, $PSEC, $FSC & $BKCC My next buys when they're at good prices... any opinions welcomed and appreciated.
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                                    • jvix | Send Message 11 Jan 2013
                                      : Btw look out for secondaries in $ENB/$EEP/$EEQ. Big expansion plans over the next year or so and have to raise money somewhere.
                                    • DAG Investments | Send Message 11 Jan 2013
                                      : yes, good point, thanks. i always average in so i don't get hurt by that sort of thing. just makes for a good opportunity to buy more.
                                      • amscott8 | Send Message 1 Sep 2011

                                        Sold tza at 42.85. Big loss but made money today. Sold tvix at 50.75. Bought NLY, AGNC and BKCC
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                                          Company Description
                                          BlackRock Capital Investment Corpprovides middle-market companies with flexible financing solutions, including senior and junior secured, unsecured and subordinated debt securities and loans, and equity securities.
                                          Sector: Financial
                                          Country: United States