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Banco Latinoamericano De Comercio Exterior, S.A. (BLX)

  • MichaelJ8 | Send Message 11 Feb

    $BLX I smell div raise this year. new EPS is sick.
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    • MichaelJ8 | Send Message 11 Feb
      : i mean.. i smell ANOTHER div raise soon.
    • bobb123 | Send Message 11 Feb
      : Very happy I picked this up a few years ago. Excellent div, very strong growth. No reason it has bounced around so much over past few months
      • MichaelJ8 | Send Message 13 Jan

        $BLX... double top reversal ... after a dividend raise... i refuse to believe this...I'll just buy more if it reaches 24....
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        • MichaelJ8 | Send Message 6 Feb
          : chart looked scary for a second... I wish it did happen though, I would have bought hand over fist... i guess im holding for now.
          • MichaelJ8 | Send Message 31 Dec 2014

            $BLX drop on x-div... too much. Good time to buy imo.
              • Emerging Market Skeptic | Send Message 24 Nov 2014

                Full list of Panama ADRs at $AVH $CPA $BLX
                  • MichaelJ8 | Send Message 9 Oct 2014

                    $BLX I love this stock, holding up strong against such a us market.
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                    • BarkingSPDR | Send Message 9 Oct 2014
                      : down 1.82 but already up in the after market 1.86. I think this bank has a great story and the dividend is nice
                    • MichaelJ8 | Send Message 16 Oct 2014
                      : and a beat on eps and revs... loving this stock..
                      • MichaelJ8 | Send Message 17 Sep 2014

                        $BLX, i think we retrace back below 30$, maybe around 28$ level before we go back up again...
                          • MichaelJ8 | Send Message 21 Aug 2014

                            $BLX, hows that going zacks?
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                            • MichaelJ8 | Send Message 30 Aug 2014
                              : still making fun of zacks...every day as I admire my decision to buy blx
                              • MichaelJ8 | Send Message 1 Jul 2014

                                $BLX, oh my oh my....looking real good.
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                                • BarkingSPDR | Send Message 2 Jul 2014
                                  : Yes, I love that little bank. Go small caps Go.
                                  • Zacks Investment Research | Send Message 6 Mar 2014

                                    Zacks' Bear Of The Day: Banco Latinoamericano $BLX
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                                    • MichaelJ8 | Send Message 11 Apr 2014
                                      : hahahaha
                                    • MichaelJ8 | Send Message 22 Apr 2014
                                      : muhahahahah. I think its safe to say I never listen to these guys.
                                      • Henry Nyce | Send Message 19 Feb 2014

                                        2 High Dividend Foreign Banks With The Footprint To Grow Profits And Dividends $BLX, $BNS
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                                          Company Description
                                          Banco Latinoamericano de Comercio Exterior SA is a specialized supranational bank. It provides trade financing to selected commercial banks, middle-market companies and corporations in the Region. It operates in two segments, Commercial and Treasury.