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Body Central Corp. (BODY)

BODY is defunct.
  • DumpsterDiver | Send Message 6 Nov 2014

    CEO Woolf finally gets his well-deserved out-of- $BODY experience. Shares rise 69% in a day. Performance reviews don't get any clearer.
      • DumpsterDiver | Send Message 14 Aug 2014

        $BODY finally releases quarterly results. Paraphrased: "The bar was lying flat on the ground, and we still tripped over it."
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        • DumpsterDiver | Send Message 15 Aug 2014
          : ...And the next day, it's up 15%. The world is an eternal mystery.
        • DumpsterDiver | Send Message 15 Aug 2014
          : Decided to cash in my remaining pittance on this unexpected bump and GTFO. Would have been better if I'd never decided to GTFI. Ah, well.
          • DumpsterDiver | Send Message 14 Aug 2014

            Should I interpret the fact that $BODY was able to attract 3 new board members to mean they're not going bankrupt in the next month or two?
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            • DumpsterDiver | Send Message 14 Aug 2014
              : It won't. That ship sailed quite some time ago. Or, more accurately, sank.
            • jamesingram32 | Send Message 15 Aug 2014
              : well...thre is always GTAT...looks like the shorts must be quietly retreating before sept 9th
              • DumpsterDiver | Send Message 30 Jul 2014

                $BODY closing in on the magic 50 cent mark. Anybody know if they're planning on doing an earnings release one of these days?
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                • DumpsterDiver | Send Message 30 Jul 2014
                  : Or I guess that would technically be a "losings release" in this case, but anyway...
                • meeke | Send Message 6 Aug 2014
                  : Fingers crossed
                  • J Mintzmyer | Send Message 30 Jun 2014

                    $BODY just sold $18M of convertible notes at 35c. Essentially just got taken private with equity holders facing lion's share of risk.
                      • J Mintzmyer | Send Message 27 Jun 2014

                        Sold most of my remaining $BODY shares for 93c. Loss of 24% on this lot in 3m.
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                        • lildimsum7 | Send Message 19 Nov 2014
                          : have you seen the stock price? you could've made some serious coin. i wish i kept up with this story
                        • J Mintzmyer | Send Message 19 Nov 2014
                          : That was pre-split. I sold my shares for $9.30.
                          • Sacsh | Send Message 26 Jun 2014

                            What's up with $BODY? Is it going to survive? Sell now or wait? anyone has any info?
                              • Emerging Growth | Send Message 3 Jun 2014

                                Can Body Central Bring Back Its Customers? $BODY, $WMT, $ARO
                                  • sortman2013 | Send Message 30 May 2014

                                    So anyone know what is up with 33% increase today with $BODY?
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                                    • meeke | Send Message 2 Jun 2014
                                      : Nope
                                      • Oceanstats | Send Message 30 May 2014

                                        $BODY Zombies....won't die. Up 40%?
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                                          Company Description
                                          Body Central Corp is a multi-channel specialty retailer. It operates apparel stores, and also conducts direct business via catalogues and website. If offers women's clothing, jewelry, accessories and shoes under labels such as Body Central and Lipstick.
                                          Sector: Services
                                          Industry: Apparel Stores
                                          Country: United States