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Bio-Reference Laboratories, Inc. (BRLI)

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        Bio-Reference Laboratories: A Conundrum Wrapped In An Enigma $BRLI
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   Monday Premarket Earning: $SHLD, $BRLI, $MTN
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                Take A Second Look: Bio-Reference Laboratories $BRLI
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                    Bio-Reference Laboratories Tested: Undisclosed Lawsuit Alleges Fraud, Ex-Employees Speak Out $BRLI
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                      : Yeah, now with Obamacare the people will be fleeced by corporate and government
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                      : Used to remember a van around Fulton Mall in Brooklyn, saying "medicare, medicaid, ask how you can get paid" then shuttle them to doc office
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                        $BRLI William Blair Maintains Market Perform On Bio-Reference Laboratories Following Strong Third Quarter
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                   The MOST comprehensive article on this Genetics Testing Company $RGDX $DGX $GHDX $GSK $HOLX $BRLI $LH
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                                Im a buyer!!! Response Genetics: A Severely Undervalued Takeover Target. $RGDX $DGX $GHDX $BRLI $LH $GENE
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                                  : some win at .65 lows lol
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                                  : I think its a bargain
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                                    Bio-Reference Laboratories - Solid Growth, Fair Valuation, Long-Term Opportunity $BRLI
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                                        Bio-Reference Laboratories: The Scary Results Of Its Own Diagnostic Test $BRLI
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                                          : Great article. Brought a lot of issues I was not aware of as a BRLI shareholder. A lot of details to dive into
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                                          Company Description
                                          Bio-Reference Laboratories Inc is engaged in providing laboratory testing services. The Company offers chemical diagnostic tests including blood and urine analysis, blood chemistry, hematology services, serology, radio-immuno analysis and toxicology.