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Anheuser-Busch Inbev SA/NV (BUD)

  • Today, 2:46 AM
    • Anheuser-Busch InBev (NYSE:BUD) and SABMiller (OTCPK:SBMRY) have agreed on terms for a takeover, with the world's largest brewer set to pay £44/share for its smaller rival, valuing the group at £69B ($106B).
    • The deal brings one out of every three beers sold worldwide under a single company, and will benefit SABMiller’s two largest shareholders - Altria (NYSE:MO) and BevCo - which account for 41% of the company.
    • Under terms of the agreement, AB InBev would pay a $3B reverse break fee to SABMiller should the transaction fail to clear regulatory hurdles or shareholders don't approve of it.
    • SABMiller +9% in London; BUD +1.9% premarket
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  • Sun, Oct. 11, 9:04 AM
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  • Fri, Oct. 9, 11:33 AM
    • Labatt Breweries snapped up Canadian craft beer maker Mill Street Brewery for an undisclosed amount.
    • Mill Street is the largest producer of certified organic beer in Canada.
    • Labatt is owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev (NYSE:BUD) which has been busy acquiring popular craft breweries in the U.S.
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  • Wed, Oct. 7, 8:40 AM
    • SABMiller (OTCPK:SBMRY) formally rejects the $104B takeover offer from Anheuser-Busch InBev (NYSE:BUD).
    • The U.K. beer giant says the AB InBev offer "substantially undervalues" the company and has been timed to opportunistically take advantage of its its depressed share price. Significant regulatory hurdles in the U.S. and China are also seen as major hurdles.
    • Shares of SABMiller are up 2.4% in London trading, while Anheuser-Busch InBev is 2.7% higher in New York premarket action. Molson Coors (NYSE:TAP) is also on the move, up 1.37% to $82.10.
    • SABMiller announcement
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  • Wed, Oct. 7, 4:41 AM
    • Despite a new raised bid, it looks like SABMiller (OTCPK:SBMRY) is poised to turn down another takeover offer from Anheuser-Busch InBev (NYSE:BUD).
    • "Today's £42.15 proposal is only £0.15 higher than the £42 proposal considered and rejected on October 5," SABMiller said in a statement. "AB InBev is very substantially undervaluing SABMiller."
    • The £42.15/share in cash bid would value the group at £68.2B ($104B) and translate into the largest takeover of 2015.
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  • Wed, Oct. 7, 3:06 AM
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  • Tue, Oct. 6, 7:21 AM
    • Anheuser-Busch InBev (NYSE:BUD) won't try to pull off a hostile takeover of SABMiller (OTCPK:SBMRY) after having its initial informal offer rejected, sources tell New York Post. Those same sources still think a deal can be struck if a formal offer comes in high enough.
    • Shares of BUD are down 0.33% premarket, while SABMiller is 3.5% lower in afternoon London trading. Another stock to watch for volatility today is Altria (NYSE:MO) which owns a sizable chunk of SABMiller.
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  • Tue, Oct. 6, 6:28 AM
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  • Mon, Oct. 5, 9:12 AM
    • Anheuser-Busch InBev (NYSE:BUD) is closer to making its bid for SABMiller (OTCPK:SBMRY), according to Bloomberg's Jeffrey McCracken.
    • A-B is negotiating terms with SABMiller as it seeks a "friendly" takeover. Financing for the acquisition is believed to be lined up.
    • The waiting game has kept shares of Molson Coors (NYSE:TAP) trading in a relatively tight range of $82 to $84 as it looks for the green light to go after MillerCoors.
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  • Fri, Sep. 18, 7:18 AM
    • Analysts are raising the odds that Anheuser-Busch InBev (NYSE:BUD) can pull off a takeover of SABMiller (OTCPK:SBMRY) as major shareholders on both sides of the deal see value.
    • A-B is buying a strong emerging markets business at a level artificially-depressed by F/X swings, while SABMiller may be out of options in growing itself to a higher share price than the A-B offer.
    • Swinging a deal require the approval of two key SABMiller shareholders - Altria (NYSE:MO) owns 42% of the U.K.-based beer company and Columbian beer magnate Santo Domingo holds 15% of shares.
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  • Thu, Sep. 17, 4:21 AM
    • The beer industry is calling it "Megabrew" - or the potential $275B merger between Anheuser-Busch InBev (NYSE:BUD) and SABMiller (OTCPK:SBMRY).
    • Word that SABMiller would receive an offer from its bigger rival triggered a beer stock rally yesterday, on hopes the potential takeover would prompt a number of follow-on deals as the two shed assets to win regulatory backing.
    • Separate from those approvals, Anheuser-Busch InBev must also win over a number of important players. Among them are two of SABMiller's biggest investors: Altria (NYSE:MO) and the Santo Domingos, one of the wealthiest families in Colombia.
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  • Wed, Sep. 16, 9:56 AM
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  • Wed, Sep. 16, 6:25 AM
    • Anheuser-Busch InBev (NYSE:BUD) has informed rival SABMiller (OTCPK:SBMRY) that it intends to make an offer to acquire the British firm in a deal that would bring together the world's two largest beermakers.
    • "No proposal has yet been received and the board of SABMiller has no further details about the terms of any such proposal," the company said in a statement.
    • SABMiller shares +20.5% in London; BUD +5% premarket.
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  • Thu, Sep. 10, 4:02 PM
    • Anheuser-Busch InBev (NYSE:BUD) subsidiary Goose Island Beer Company acquires a majority stake in Virtue Cider for an undisclosed amount.
    • Virtue Cider is a craft cider specialist.
    • The cider upstart could broaden its distribution through the new partnership with Goose Island.
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  • Wed, Mar. 25, 8:27 PM
    • The odds of 3G Capital Partners financially backing a takeover by Anheuser-Busch InBev (NYSE:BUD) of SABMiller (OTCPK:SBMRY) were taken down a notch by analysts after the merger between Heinz and Kraft Foods was announced.
    • 3G is considered a likely source of financing for the +$100B A-B would need to put together an attractive offer for its beer rival, but will be a little lighter in the wallet after the Kraft buy.
    • The analyst community has been sharply divided over the last year on if the beer mega-merger is actually in the works.
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  • Sat, Feb. 14, 10:13 AM
    • Craft soda is starting to become a trend to watch closely, according to industry insiders.
    • Though still accounting for only ~1% of the total U.S. soda market, major retail chains have increasingly been willing to bet on local craft brands in store aisles.
    • The craft craze is old news for the beer industry where coming-of-age millennials buy craft/local beers at a 50% higher rate than brand-loyal older generations. Fading stars such as Budweiser and Bud Light are testament to the impact of the millennial paradigm.
    • The craft influence in coffee hasn't been lost on Starbucks which has strategically deployed trucks on college campuses in an effort to win over students.
    • Despite the progressive reputation of Starbucks, analysts think new upstarts such as Craft (subscription) and Cups (app) have a shot of gaining influence with the Indie-minded millennial crowd on "customization" and pricing.
    • What to watch: An increase in M&A activity in the beverage sector is expected as major companies strategically pick off more local craft brands to incubate.
    • Craft coffee watch: GMCR, SBUX, JVA, SJM, KRFT, DNKN, QSR, MCD.
    • Craft soda watch: PEP, KO, MNST, COT, DPS, OTCQB:JSDA, REED, SODA,  FIZZ.
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Anheuser-Busch Inbev SA is engaged in the production, marketing, and distribution of beer. Its brand comprises of Budweiser, Corona and Stella Artois. It also manufactures non-alcoholic beverages such as bottle water and Ice tea.
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