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Anheuser-Busch Inbev SA/NV (BUD)

  • Bcrew312 | Send Message 30 Aug

    $DEO Where are these newest 3G/Peltz rumors buying $DEO coming from? I saw 2 references to it on 8/28. Would he merge it with $KHC or $BUD?
      • Tom Landry | Send Message 25 Aug

        When in doubt, I open my favorite ETF holdings and calm. $BTI, $RAI, $AAPL, $WFC, $ITW, $MO, $BUD, $JNJ, $APD, $LMT. $CSX, $NGG, $PFE, $AZN
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        • Tom Landry | Send Message 25 Aug
          : Now breathe. Even through all that cigarette smoke.
          • Yonakit | Send Message 21 Aug

            Picked up $ABEV. $BUD and $XOM also got caught on GTC bids.
              • neobliviscar | Send Message 21 Aug

                Buying more $DEO and $BUD here. Also a little $JNJ and $PM
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                • matratra | Send Message 21 Aug
                  : All are good except BUD. Beer market for this summer is over.
                • neobliviscar | Send Message 21 Aug
                  : Yeah, $BUD is a bit pricey.
                  • Yonakit | Send Message 20 Aug

                    Topped off $BUD and now have a full position.
                      • Yonakit | Send Message 18 Aug

                        Earlier, picked up some $WMT below $70 to get my cost basis below $76. Yesterday, bot $BUD at around $115 and $PG at $75.
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                        • SeriousCat | Send Message 18 Aug
                          : solid, but not spectacular, long-term holdings.
                        • Yonakit | Send Message 18 Aug
                          : Solid is what I'm looking for right now to smooth over junky/levered plays. Someone's playing in $BUD - probably close the day 2x volume.
                          • Tyler Leonard | Send Message 17 Aug

                            "The Drinker's Dividend Stock Dissection" $BUD $BF.B $DEO
                              • Yonakit | Send Message 14 Aug

                                Bot $AAPL, $XOM, $MMM, $IBM, $EMR, $BUD, and $T this week. Best move last week was restarting a position in $OIA at $6.65.
                                  • Josh Arnold | Send Message 13 Aug

                                    Anheuser-Busch Inbev Is At A Crossroads $BUD
                                      • Yonakit | Send Message 31 Jul

                                        Added to $BUD on that early dip, started a position in $XOM, and will touch $PG if falls below $77.
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                                          Company Description
                                          Anheuser-Busch Inbev SA is engaged in the production, marketing, and distribution of beer. Its brand comprises of Budweiser, Corona and Stella Artois. It also manufactures non-alcoholic beverages such as bottle water and Ice tea.
                                          Country: Belgium