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magicJack VocalTec Communications Ltd. (CALL)

  • simplevalue274 | Send Message 17 Mar

    $LL, Tilson has no credibility, check his latest longs, $CALL, $SODA
      • simplevalue274 | Send Message 10 Mar

        $LL, tilson trying to create hysteria. Just like with $SODA and $CALL, don't expect him to update you on his position sizing.
          • Alex Pitti | Send Message 5 Mar

            Stop Calling MagicJack A Turnaround: It's A Sell $CALL
              • simplevalue274 | Send Message 3 Mar

                $SODA, $CALL,not top 12 positions, $LL less than 3% for tilson, anyone see a pattern? Very vocal about very small positions, bizarre
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                • skapas | Send Message 8 Mar
                  : this, "anyone see a pattern?"
                • simplevalue274 | Send Message 8 Mar
                  : Ok what isn't clear
                  • simplevalue274 | Send Message 20 Feb

                    $SODA $CALL neither is a top 12 position? Strange he has written so much and pounded the table yet neither is a top position. So bizarre.
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                    • Charles Moscoe | Send Message 24 Feb
                      : I agree that this is a strange case. I agree with his thesis long term however on $SODA. Short term though I lean 60/40 long tomorrow.
                      • simplevalue274 | Send Message 30 Jan

                        Very bearish close $CALL
                          • simplevalue274 | Send Message 21 Jan

                            Interesting $CALL broke down after the new yr. suggest a large holder didn't want to sell before yr end to move the mkt at yr end.
                              • simplevalue274 | Send Message 21 Jan

                                Looks to be breaking down, goes sub $5 forget about it. $CALL
                                  • WaveRider007 | Send Message 29 Dec 2014

                                    $CALL - chart looks like $OIL
                                      • Brahmsian | Send Message 20 Dec 2014

                                        $CALL hasn't bottomed yet but has very attractive valuations. 18.25% insider ownership too.
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                                          Company Description
                                          magicJack VocalTec Ltd provides cloud based communication services. The Company's service include VoIP services inclduing magicJack, magicJack Go and MagicJack Plus.