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Chicago Bridge & Iron Company (CBI)

  • chammond63 | Send Message 28 May

    Where is the bottom for $CBI? More than half of post-$APC announcement gains given up in the last week or so
      • Daniel Jones | Send Message 27 May

        Chicago Bridge And Iron's Little Money-Maker $CBI
          • Hoang6 | Send Message 27 May

            I hope $CBI doesn't dip below $50 since I'm not interested in buying more. Why can't it hold?
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            • monsieurmarket | Send Message 27 May
              : somebody call the SEC... I still remember that dip to 44 that came out of nowhere
            • wheelz23 | Send Message 27 May
              : i still remember that dip to 32...SEC doesn't care
              • chammond63 | Send Message 27 May

                $CBI getting hammered at the open..AGAIN
                  • chammond63 | Send Message 26 May

                    $CBI getting more a more interesting, hopefully it falls a little further
                      • chammond63 | Send Message 22 May

                        $CBI moving lower
                          • Hope128 | Send Message 22 May

                            Sold a few $CBI 06/05 $51.5P for 60c. I have shorted this week 44P for 70c, they are expiring.
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                            • Hope128 | Send Message 22 May
                              : Nice! I wish I had shorted more puts before the big $10 bump from $47.
                            • raykrv6a | Send Message 22 May
                              : No kidding. I been long $CBI and got the bump anyways.
                              • FortSumter | Send Message 20 May

                                $CBI Keep waiting for the rug to be pulled but those 2 LNG contracts were what I invested for in the first place. Just a year late.
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                                • wheelz23 | Send Message 28 May
                                  : bolts are my 2nd favorite team, hawks-bolts final would be great for the league, but the nhl is praying for hawks-rags obviously
                                • wheelz23 | Send Message 28 May
                                  : meanwhile, cbi now down 6 days i think
                                  • Harry Nikel | Send Message 19 May

                                    Chicago Bridge & Iron: More Than Meets The Eye $CBI
                                      • Bret Jensen | Send Message 19 May

                                        Chicago Bridge & Iron: The Narrative Turns Positive $CBI
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                                          Company Description
                                          Chicago Bridge & Iron Company provides conceptual design, technology, engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction and commissioning services to customers in the energy, petrochemical and natural resource industries.