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Chicago Bridge & Iron Company (CBI)

  • Luisk | Send Message 25 Jun

    Added to $CBI at $52
      • cameron0208 | Send Message 25 Jun

        $CBI needs some good news. Been looking really weak!
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        • cameron0208 | Send Message 25 Jun
          : Are you getting out?
        • wheelz23 | Send Message 25 Jun
          : nope, not til after earnings...unless it goes on a big run before then
          • luckylalo | Send Message 24 Jun

            $MU, $LVS, $CBI Jensen picks from a year ago, all slaughtered by the indexes. Don't get me started on $AMZG and his other energy "plays"
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            • tromur | Send Message 25 Jun
              : Not a big miss, but terrible guidance and CC. Therefore much bigger drop than I expected.
            • luckylalo | Send Message 26 Jun
              : I wish you the best, hopefully it bounces back.
              • cameron0208 | Send Message 19 Jun

                Ya know, I might just add to my $CBI w/ my dry powder. Anyone been adding at these levels? Especially after the pullback from 58. CB is $42
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                • wheelz23 | Send Message 12h
                  : CBI must do a lot of business in
                • wheelz23 | Send Message 10h
                  : not sure when to add, but this drop is unwarranted
                  • Dr. Thomas Carr | Send Message 19 Jun

                    Chicago Bridge & Iron: Get In Before The Breakout $CBI
                      • cameron0208 | Send Message 17 Jun

                        Since purchase: $CBI +24%, $GILD +42.25%, $SWKS +31.3%. My recently sold $OHI was my only underwater holding
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                        • cameron0208 | Send Message 17 Jun
                          : make people money. Portfolio manager/Investment banker is also my chosen career path, so I'm trying to start now!
                        • Perkins Cove | Send Message 18 Jun
                          : Well said, Cameron and Tom.
                          • John Vincent | Send Message 17 Jun

                            David Einhorn is bullish on $AER, $CBI, $CFG, and $GM. See
                              • Hope128 | Send Message 16 Jun

                                Sold $CBI 2 weeks out 47.5P for $.70. Its volatility is so high which produces excellent option premium.
                                  • Insider Monkey | Send Message 15 Jun

                                    Should You Cross The Chicago Bridge & Iron Company? $CBI
                                      • RogerMexico | Send Message 12 Jun

                                        $CBI back in at 51.25. See y'all at 60.
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                                        • USArsenal | Send Message 12 Jun
                                          : I hope you're right. $CBI is my most ADD position.
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                                          Company Description
                                          Chicago Bridge & Iron Company provides conceptual design, technology, engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction and commissioning services to customers in the energy, petrochemical and natural resource industries.