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Chicago Bridge & Iron Company (CBI)

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    JRW Financial 3Q15: Interactive Brokers In Focus $IBKR $GOOG $GOOGL $MA $CBI $WWW $CBI $OUTR $BRK.A $BRK.B $AAPL
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        $CBI your contracts are insignificant when compared to the power of the force #DIS
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            SocGen's Joel Greenblatt Screen For October $GME $GILD $CBI $KORS $DSCA $DSCB $VIA $DLK $MO
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                $CBI contract extension to extend share price slide into the $30s.
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                  : lol...we all did
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                  : I didn't know rotting corpses could bounce like this...
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                    $CBI oh look back above $42 all you buyers at $38 should be selling what are you doing!
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                      : I always preferred Thundercats to He-man but the reference is on point.
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                      : I would say don't underestimate the robots that steal my valuable bits of wit and snark and repost other sites posing as intellectual bits
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                        article on $CBI says fair value is 78$ hello $20's
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                            Chicago Bridge And Iron: The Gloomy Guise Begins To Unravel $CBI
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                                $CBI 100M contract will see $30 today.
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                                  : pretty soon they'll be offering "stocktalks pro" for a fee you get authentic stocktalks from real people in real time...
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                                  : Come on, wheelz....stop giving them ideas.
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                                    The $CBI bounce is just to much. My buy at 48 wasn't the peak but darn near close to it :p. Sorry guys
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                                      : lol...i'm just disappointed you're not a hot chick, i was all about to be like "hey wigit, what's up"
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                                      : haha; I'm disappointed too...
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                                        $CBI what happened?
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                                          : zacks downgrade to hold and this is what we get?
                                          CBI vs. ETF Alternatives
                                          Company Description
                                          Chicago Bridge & Iron Company provides conceptual design, technology, engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction and commissioning services to customers in the energy, petrochemical and natural resource industries.