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China Ceramics Co., Ltd. (CCCL)

  • John Sheehy | Send Message 11 Dec 2014

    China Ceramics: Short-Term Problems Have Obscured Positive Long-Term Developments $CCCL
      • Ruerd Heeg | Send Message 15 Aug 2014

        Too Many Unanswered Questions For China Ceramics $CCCL
          • Sad Panda | Send Message 7 Jul 2014

            What a shame. Our $CCCL shares are worthless now.
              • Brett Mayo | Send Message 28 Apr 2014

                Review Of Xinyuan's 20-F Annual Report $XIN, $CCCL, $SFUN
                  • herronisland | Send Message 30 Mar 2014

                    $CCCL what do you'all think of CCCL now that it's lowered its dividend and etc? Thanks!
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                    • FleurDeLis | Send Message 24 Apr 2014
                      : I'd like some opinion on this as well. Will it die or turn around?
                      • Brett Wilson | Send Message 16 Oct 2013

                        $CCCL is continuing to outperform since I covered it in June.
                          • Jim Van Meerten | Send Message 27 Sep 2013

                            $CCCL - 96% Barchart technical buy signals - 20 new highs and up 22.48% in the last month - Relative Strengtth Index 79.16%
                              • johnl123d | Send Message 18 Apr 2013

                                $CCCL still haven't release their Q4 yet, isn't due at the end of april?
                                  • StephenTookIt | Send Message 26 Mar 2013

                                    I'm deep in it with $CCCL. Great dividends. They need to release their Q4 and Annual Report.
                                      • metroalpha | Send Message 17 Jan 2013

                                        anyone following this company $CCCL
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                                        • hanni_ali | Send Message 26 Mar 2013
                                          : Agreed, but highly volatile, will commonly swing 20% either way from one week to the next... Small Long for me.
                                        • StephenTookIt | Send Message 27 Mar 2013
                                          : Yes, I'm long in it as well. Need the Shanghai index to get back in order and it will bounce again.
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                                          Company Description
                                          China Ceramics Co Ltd manufactures & sells ceramic tiles used for exterior siding & for interior flooring & design in buildings. Its product categories are: porcelain tiles, glazed tiles, glazed porcelain tiles, rustic tiles & polished glazed tiles.
                                          Sector: Financial
                                          Country: China