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Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc. (CDTI)

  • LaboMedic | Send Message 10 Nov 2014

    $CDTI Roth Capital Maintains Buy On Clean Diesel Shares, Sees 41% Upside
      • dbt01 | Send Message 8 Nov 2014

        with only $4.9M in cash and $7M+ in short term debt, did creditors almost push $CDTI into BK and force secondary?
          • Market Cuts Both Ways | Send Message 31 Oct 2014

            Clean Diesel Technologies Jumps 133% By Cracking The Catalytic Convertor $CDTI
              • Paul Sigrist | Send Message 30 Oct 2014

                $CDTI looking very intriguing here.
                  • mister-ugly | Send Message 30 Oct 2014

                    $CDTI: Tough time for those SHORT CDTI after news of Removing Rare Earth Minerals/Platinum from Catalytic Converters seem story repeats?
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                    • Mirdad | Send Message 30 Oct 2014
                      : I'm curious how these new products differ from the ones they've been selling to Honda? Seems like an upgrade and not really a new product?
                      • dbt01 | Send Message 21 Oct 2014

                        $CDTI issues profit warning, assets sold at fire sale prices.
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                        • dbt01 | Send Message 30 Oct 2014
                          : no one has licensed the patents. Not a single one. when they announce that, then it's real news.
                        • dbt01 | Send Message 4 Nov 2014
                          : promoted to get a good price on the secondary offering so as to remain under 20% dilution which needs shareholder approval
                          • dbt01 | Send Message 7 Oct 2014

                            $CDTI cratering. Will experience huge end of year tax loss selling. There is no price I would buy it at.
                              • dbt01 | Send Message 30 Sep 2014

                                $CDTI Chairman quits. CEO/CFO quit earlier this year. New Chairman is on BOD of $SWC, conflict of interest
                                  • dbt01 | Send Message 3 Aug 2014

                                    CFO quits at $CDTI. Not a good sign
                                      • dbt01 | Send Message 27 Jun 2014

                                        $CDTI to be included in Russell MicroCap Index according to Russell website
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                                          Company Description
                                          Clean Diesel Technologies Inc is a material technology company. It is engaged in manufacturing & distributing of light duty vehicle catalysts & heavy duty diesel emissions control systems & products to automakers, distributors, integrators & retrofitters.