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The Carlyle Group (CG)

  • ComputerBlue | Send Message 28 Aug

    $CG: Carlyle Finds Hedge Funds Hazardous
      • Chris DeMuth Jr. | Send Message 31 Jul

        Carlyle ($CG) and Apollo ($APO) Find Selling Is Easy; Buying, Not So Much:
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        • ATLguy | Send Message 31 Jul
          : Articles such as this are a beeping smoke detector, reminding me we are in a 2006-2007 era; an era followed by much financial pain.
        • Chris DeMuth Jr. | Send Message 31 Jul
          : You may well be right, ATLguy. That is what it sounds like to me.
          • stocktrader | Send Message 15 Jul

            Sold $CG 28.55
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            • matratra | Send Message 15 Jul
              : It is good but I pick APO.
              • stocktrader | Send Message 14 Jul

                Bought $CG 28
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                • IndyPEG | Send Message 14 Jul
                  : Going long?
                • matratra | Send Message 14 Jul
                  : You want get their dividend of purchase on July 14th.
                  • Ivey Business Review | Send Message 15 May

                    Carlyle Group: A New Crop Of Investments $CG
                      • magell | Send Message 14 May

                        $CG does Carlyle spin out UBTI annually that could be problematic if shares held in tax-deferred account?
                          • Investors Prophet | Send Message 23 Apr

                            BUY ALERTS (NASDAQ Strategy) ... $CG ... Prices for recent alerts:
                              • Bonfire Investing, LLC | Send Message 22 Apr

                                Closed our $CG pick today for a win of 10%. More here: $BEN $BX $AMP
                                  • ValueWalk | Send Message 21 Apr

                                    Carlyle To Liquidate A Pair Of Mutual Funds In Liquid Alt Setback $CG
                                      • Bonfire Investing, LLC | Send Message 5 Mar

                                        Picking $CG off our Watchlist at $26.98, stop at $25.50. $BX
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                                          Company Description
                                          The Carlyle Group L P is a diversified multi-product asset management firm. The Company operates its business across four segments; Corporate Private Equity; Global Market Strategies; Real Assets; and Solutions.
                                          Sector: Financial
                                          Country: United States