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Chesapeake Energy Corporation (CHK)

  • User 020 | Send Message 26 Aug

    $CHK Is it true that one can prevent shortsell of your stock by putting a sell order at a high price? See:
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    • User 020 | Send Message 26 Aug
      : I ask it because I read recently there were no stocks available for shorts. When $CHK holders start using this it might create short squeeze
      • Michael Michaud | Send Message 26 Aug

        Huge Profits Made On Recent Stock Selloff $GME, $CHK
          • Chris Lau | Send Message 25 Aug

            $CHK contrarian call wrong. Icahn $870+ mln paper loss as of today ($LINE $LNCO $LNG)
              • sat_mcsd1 | Send Message 25 Aug

                $CHK why the drop?
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                • Salvation by Innovation | Send Message 25 Aug
                  : Probably because of the lawsuit verdict against them today.
                  • Island_Dweller | Send Message 24 Aug

                    Added to $CHK and $RIG today.
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                    • Island_Dweller | Send Message 24 Aug
                      : I think investors are looking for any excuse to sell after an almost non-stop run since 2013. A dip like today doesn't come along very often
                    • Island_Dweller | Send Message 26 Aug
                      : Added more today to both names above. Next target to add is $35 WTI should we get there.
                      • timtrading | Send Message 23 Aug

                        $CHK stocks trading around support
                          • mjnoob | Send Message 21 Aug

                            $NMM Its about caught up with $CHK prices. Very Interesting.
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                            • mjnoob | Send Message 21 Aug
                              : caught down I should say.
                              • timtrading | Send Message 20 Aug

                                $CHK stocks around near term support
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                                • mjnoob | Send Message 21 Aug
                                  : None the less, its still way out of this world in terms of risk and surprises.
                                  • abdullah999 | Send Message 20 Aug

                                    From highs: $MU -60%, $SNDK -52%, $SUNE -64%, $CNX -70%, $CHK -73% Who's buying? Who's selling?
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                                    • abdullah999 | Send Message 20 Aug
                                      : Will you tell me how soon Chris? Should I wait for them to stop going down and start going up?
                                    • JackWolf | Send Message 25 Aug
                                      : Took profits yesterday from a long position in FSLR and bought SUNE, then more again this AM.
                                      • mjnoob | Send Message 20 Aug

                                        $CHK Safe for long term or bankrupt?
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                                        • Nut501 | Send Message 20 Aug
                                          : They may need to pull a rabbit out of the hat, before things settle down!
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                                          Company Description
                                          Chesapeake Energy Corp is a natural gas and oil exploration and production company. It explores, develops and acquires properties for the production of natural gas and crude oil from underground reservoirs and also provides marketing & midstream services.