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Cleantech Solutions International, Inc. (CLNT)

  • ComputerBlue | Send Message 21 Aug 2014

    $CLNT: Buy it now...I think. :)
      • Dutch Trader | Send Message 16 May 2014

        A lot of Chinese US-listed China stocks are having a hard time! Until now the only ones that present good results are $ONP $CLNT $KGJI
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        • gsterling | Send Message 16 May 2014
          : Yes it's been pretty bad between their economy slowing, labor costs rising, and the ever present concern of frauds.
        • gsterling | Send Message 16 May 2014
          : Glad I got out of $GPRC when I did. Down almost 50% since then due to poor earnings and charges against the promoters of their stock.
          • freefdawatchlist | Send Message 31 Mar 2014

   Premarket Trading Ideas for April 1st: $APOL, $UNF, $MON, $MNKD, $EXEL, $DRTX, $BIOF, $WATT, $HART, $CLNT
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            • snpandya | Send Message 1 Apr 2014
              : and $AMRN also has good news.
              • Eric Muathe | Send Message 31 Mar 2014

                [VIDEO] Market Analysis Week of Mar/31/2014 $DJIA $ES_F $SPY $XLF $BAC $HALO $CLNT $PCYC $UNG $SINA $BWLD
                  • G.Gekko | Send Message 13 Feb 2014
                      • Eric Muathe | Send Message 22 Jan 2014
                          • StockConsultant | Send Message 12 Nov 2013

                            $CLNT breakout on increasing volume trend, note earns on 11/13,
                              • Ryan Mallory | Send Message 26 Jul 2013

                                The @Fuinhaz Trade Setups: $CLF $CLNT $EBR $PSO $SKS | SharePlanner
                                  • Plastic Cup | Send Message 2 Jul 2013

                                    $CLNT Where will this stock go to
                                      • Quinton Hobdy | Send Message 24 May 2013

                                        $CLNT Hold on to your shorts!
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                                          Company Description
                                          Cleantech Solutions International Inc through its subsidiaries is engaged in manufacturing & selling of high precision forged rolled rings, yaw bearings and shafts. It also manufactures and sells textile dyeing and finishing machines.
                                          Country: China