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Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated (COKE)

  • WhisperNumber | Send Message 5 May

    Earnings after market close $GRPN whisper# 1c, -- $CTL whisper# 61c, +2c $COKE whisper# 43c, -- $FISV whisper# 83c, -3c $Z whisper# -6c, +5c
      • Danielnissen | Send Message 27 Jan

        $COKE to rise continuesly or drop soon? looking to supplement soon, but can't seem to find a reason for a drop.. #COKEBULL
          • Get Rich Brothers | Send Message 19 Dec 2014

            I'm Not Buying Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated Right Now $COKE
              • Tech Talker | Send Message 14 Dec 2014

                $TSLA $COKE $MGM are apparently ripe for purchase according to internal signals:
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                • Tech Talker | Send Message 14 Dec 2014
                  : What kind of signals are these? RSI?
                • Anton Wahlman | Send Message 14 Dec 2014
                  : "Signals"? Smoke signals? It may be a buy for all sorts of reasons -- announcing a new product, better than expected numbers, but...
                  • Christopher F. Davis | Send Message 15 Sep 2014

           Recent Analysts Upgrades & WHY. $AMBA $CKEC $COKE $CY $FNF $GIMO $HTHT $JMI $LB $LL $MICT $PPP $PVTB $SGMS
                      • BuyToSell | Send Message 21 Feb 2014

                        Just picked up some $WEED, $CRAK, $COKE, and $METH to go with my $MJNA, $HEMP, $PHOT, and $CBIS.
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                        • GONJA Pro | Send Message 24 Feb 2014
                          : For reals add $GLCO ! Under radar and bout to take off!
                        • reynolds1 | Send Message 10 Oct 2014
                          : $GLCO isn't even a penny stock, its under one cent. But when your high might seem like a great idea.
                          • Jim Van Meerten | Send Message 4 Dec 2013

                            $COKE - 96% Barchart technical buy signals - 19 new highs and up 8.64% in the last month - Relative strength Index 74.44%
                              • Dividend Sheet | Send Message 29 Jan 2013

                                $HCLP $PNG $TOO and $TGP are the best yielding stocks going ex-dividend tomorrow + + I like $PFE $FAST and $COKE
                                  • Ryan Mallory | Send Message 13 Nov 2012

                                    Evening Tape: Another Failed SPX Bounce, A David Petraeus Chart Worth Looking At, and COKE/POP/SODA SPY
                                      • MexCom | Send Message 17 Apr 2012

                                        KO - No substitute for the soda but for the stock try COKE. $KO $COKE
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                                        • JayWright | Send Message 19 Apr 2012
                                          : what is the difference between KO and COKE?
                                        • doris6 | Send Message 27 Apr 2012
                                          : THEY BOTH MINE
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                                          Company Description
                                          Coca-Cola Bottling Co Consolidatedtogether with its subsidiaries,produces, markets, and distributes nonalcoholic beverages, mainly the products of The Coca-Cola Company.