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  • xNotreDamex | Send Message 2 Sep 2014

    Value buy $CSPI continues to crush it. Good fundamentals, pays lage dividend, and a strong uptrend over the last 3 months with more to go
      • xNotreDamex | Send Message 15 Jul 2014

        I named $CSPI my bargain buy on May 27th. It's up 11% since then, has momentum to run plenty. 6.5% dividend, solid fundamentals, enjoy.
          • xNotreDamex | Send Message 12 Jun 2014

            $CSPI I named my bargain buy on May 27th. A value buy with solid fundamentals and 6.5% dividend is up 7.5% since,and still a bit under value
              • Michael Bissell | Send Message 9 Jan 2014

                Lumpy Royalty Payments Are Masking CSP Inc's Improving Performance $CSPI
                  • James McRitchie | Send Message 18 Jul 2013

                    $CSPI Classified board? Majority vote for directors? Call special meetings, act by written consent? Supermajority requirements?
                      • ZetaKap | Send Message 9 May 2012

                        $$ Latest: 6 Undervalued Low-Debt Technology Stocks $ACLS $COOL $DAIO $CLRO $CSPI $DTLK @ZetaKap
                          CSPI vs. ETF Alternatives
                          Company Description
                          CSP Inc and its subsidiaries is engaged in developing and marketing IT integration solutions and high-performance cluster computer systems to meet the diverse requirements of industrial, commercial, and defense customers.