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Cenovus Energy, Inc. (CVE)

  • Callum Turcan | Send Message 9 Jan

    $DVN Energy turning Jackfish oil sand complex into FCF cow in the near future $XOM $CVE $IMO $RDS.A $BP $CVX
      • Economics Fanatic | Send Message 7 Jan

        Cenovus Energy - Resilient Amid Carnage In Sector $CVE
          • Luckydad | Send Message 18 Dec 2014

            Guys, it has been a long time since I spoke about $LNG because I am out. Made a lot of cash. Now in $CVE, $ECA, and $TCK as well as others
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            • ChiefKing | Send Message 20 Dec 2014
              : CVE and ECA last week were really cheap on all level.. good buy
              • GL Investments | Send Message 20 Nov 2014

                Why You Should Invest In The Canadian Oil Sands $SU $SU.CA $CVE $CVE.CA $MEG.CA $DTX.CA
                  • Ryan Mallory | Send Message 12 Nov 2014

                    Swing Trading Watch-List: $BMY $BTU $CVE $IPG $CELG
                      • TMFDeej | Send Message 15 Oct 2014

                        Oil's implosion has made this company even more valuable ($CXUSF) ($ENB) ($TRP) ($CVE)
                          • Economics Fanatic | Send Message 13 Oct 2014

                            Cenovus Energy Can Be A Value Creator $CVE
                              • Michael Fitzsimmons | Send Message 27 Sep 2014

                                Cenovus: More Than Meets The Eye $CVE
                                  • crasso | Send Message 25 Sep 2014

                                    Lower and lower every day. What to buy? $cve $su $cnq $coswf
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                                    • ChiefKing | Send Message 29 Sep 2014
                                      : $ECA; wish I had pulled out of $CVE earlier in month was thinking about it. ohh well.
                                      • Kenny Yang | Send Message 30 Jul 2014

                                        Good earnings from $CVE and $MEGEF, I expect a good one from $SU tonight (analysts at $0.93, I'm at at least $1.00-1.05)
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                                        • Michael Ray | Send Message 31 Jul 2014
                                          : ouch!
                                          CVE vs. ETF Alternatives
                                          Company Description
                                          Cenovus Energy Inc, along with its subsidiaries develops, produces and markets crude oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids in Canada with refining operations in the United States.