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CVR Refining, LP (CVRR)

  • Blue22 | Send Message 23 Mar

    $CVRR Gasoline consumption on a tear in US and Canada. With Summer season around the corner and a better outlook on spreads.
      • Aristofanis Papadatos | Send Message 28 Feb

        CVR Refining: 15% Dividend Yield With Asymmetrically Low Risk $CVRR
          • Michael Bryant | Send Message 27 Feb

            "Two analysts gave CVR Refining ($CVRR) a short term target of $24.5." Current price: $19.46. Up 5% today.
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            • dundey | Send Message 2 Mar
              : Here's hoping!
              • Ocean Man | Send Message 27 Feb

                Wait, the market was down today? I hadn't noticed with $SLCA, $DFRG, $LL and $CVRR all up 5% today.
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                • stasdelaware | Send Message 2 Mar
                  : I ll buy back let say.... @30
                • D-struction | Send Message 2 Mar
                  : Ouch
                  • Chris DeMuth Jr. | Send Message 27 Feb

                    Riding Carl Icahn's Coattails $CVRR, $MTW, $MSFT
                      • Ocean Man | Send Message 27 Feb

                        $CVRR appears to have been stricken with a bout of.... Refiner Madness!!!
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                        • Ocean Man | Send Message 1 Mar
                          : Part of it was portfolio-related, I was very heavy into refiners and heavy into margin. They did what I wanted them to do so I lightened up.
                        • mattbird | Send Message 1 Mar
                          : so the idea is to buy when the spread is low or negative...
                          • Michael Bryant | Send Message 23 Feb

                            For gasoline, long CVR Refining ($CVRR). Also long New Residential ($NRZ), which is up 4.5% on acquisition.
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                            • Michael Bryant | Send Message 23 Feb
                              : $NRZ up 7.3%
                              • Albert Alfonso | Send Message 22 Feb

                                CVR Refining: A Feast Or Famine Distribution $CVRR
                                  • Michael Bryant | Send Message 21 Feb

                                    "U.S. refinery strike widens to include nation's largest refinery." Expect higher gas prices. Long $CVRR.
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                                    • Michael Bryant | Send Message 21 Feb
                                      : Should have done that to the dock workers. You know how much they hurt the economy? Reagan did it to the air traffic controllers.
                                    • pokalolo | Send Message 21 Feb
                                      : Dock workers really hurt US .. Over nonsense
                                      • Michael Bryant | Send Message 19 Feb

                                        Big day for Terra Nitrogen ($TNH) & Real Goods Solar ($RGSE). Mentioned $RGSE as swing trade. Looks to be support for CVR Refining ($CVRR).
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                                        • pokalolo | Send Message 19 Feb
                                          : CVRR support was company putting her name up for sale or anyhting
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                                          Company Description
                                          CVR Refining LP is an independent downstream energy limited partnership with refining & related logistics assets that operates in the mid-continent region. Its business includes a complex full coking medium-sour crude oil refinery in Coffeyville, Kansas.