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Discover Financial Services (DFS)

  • youngmoneymonsters | Send Message 5 Mar

    Don't miss our latest article, this stock could be priceless... $V $MA $AXP $DFS
      • youngmoneymonsters | Send Message 4 Mar

        This company is already in your pocket, should it be in your portfolio? $V $MA $AXP $DFS
          • Avi Goot | Send Message 4 Mar

            Discover Financial Services Positioned To Profit $DFS
              • cameron0208 | Send Message 2 Mar

                Is $DFS down due to the deal between Costco/Citi/Visa?
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                • matratra | Send Message 2 Mar
                  : I think so & agree with you but DFS may be unwilling to give free bee.
                  • cameron0208 | Send Message 26 Feb

                    $DFS closing in on +10% since my purchase. Hope some of you got in!
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                    • matratra | Send Message 26 Feb
                      : purchased at $23 long time back and would like to hold for long.
                    • cameron0208 | Send Message 26 Feb
                      : Great stock, no doubt. I am trying to practice taking profits. So, we'll see what happens.
                      • Dana Blankenhorn | Send Message 21 Feb

                        Does American Express Trouble Mean Buy Discover? $AXP, $DFS
                          • cameron0208 | Send Message 20 Feb

                            $DFS has made the climb back over 60!
                              • cameron0208 | Send Message 18 Feb

                                Since purchase $CSCO +4.6% $DFS +5.72% $GILD +24% $SWKS +2% and $YELP +5.6%
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                                • matratra | Send Message 18 Feb
                                  : nice job
                                  • James Sands | Send Message 13 Feb

                                    Just added $DFS near $59.60/share....
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                                    • matratra | Send Message 13 Feb
                                      : If they secure Costco business(COST) it will be over $70.00
                                    • James Sands | Send Message 13 Feb
                                      : Yea, it crossed my mind, but with $COF having the business in Canada, no guarantees...I like the opportunity irrespective though....
                                      • cameron0208 | Send Message 13 Feb

                                        $YELP and $DFS can't be stopped! My 2 biggest turnarounds
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                                        • matratra | Send Message 13 Feb
                                          : DFS is old well managed company came out from Old Sears not current Sears. I guess you missed it when it was $23
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                                          Company Description
                                          Discover Financial Services is a direct banking and payment services company. The Company offers credit card loans, private student loans, personal loans, home equity loans and deposit products.
                                          Sector: Financial
                                          Industry: Credit Services
                                          Country: United States