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PowerShares DB Gold Short ETN (DGZ)

  • Vetr | Send Message 17 Apr

    Gold ETF's Recent Strength May Be A Head Fake $DGLD $DGZ $DZZ $GLL $DSLV $GLD $ZSL
      • x oil -field | Send Message 11 May 2014

        Are Currency Wars The Next Chapter? $AGOL $AGQ $DBS $DGL $DGLD $DGP $DGZ $DSLV $DZZ $GEUR $GGBP James P. Montes
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        • x oil -field | Send Message 11 May 2014
          : A DaLatin pick. I'll agree with Dal this evening, morning, afternoon: this is a interesting read.
        • x oil -field | Send Message 11 May 2014
          : What If Lowflation Isn't A Trap? $DIA $QQQ $SPY SA Cullen Roche My pick.
          • Eric Muathe | Send Message 30 Dec 2013
              • x oil -field | Send Message 19 Nov 2013

                Does QE Mean Anything To The Price Of Gold Anymore? $DGLD $DGZ $DZZ $GLL Papier Mâché e$GLD SA Dickson Buchanan Jr.
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                • x oil -field | Send Message 19 Nov 2013
                  : ..e$GLD colony on the moon for the true shiny metal believers still remaining after gold tumbles to new low.
                • x oil -field | Send Message 28 Jan 2014
                  : Here's a image of just some of the very special work being done. It will be called the New Moon Gold Dust Vacuum Corp.
                  • Jon Peter | Send Message 9 Sep 2013

                    Gold - look out below ?? got $DGZ $GLL ??
                      • The_American | Send Message 24 Apr 2012

                        Except some VIIX in SLV GLD and to HDGE for those who have PHYS SGOL and PSLV there is GLL and ZSL ETF and DGG DGZ ETNs on IAU $$ in on TVIX
                          • The_American | Send Message 8 Apr 2012

                            For those investors who hold PHYS GLD & SLV PSLV can HDGE buy ZSL and GLL which short ETFs in PMs and ETNs is DGZ in the IAU GOLD - SIVR SIL
                              • DettoTheSecond | Send Message 13 Mar 2012

                                max leverage on long XIV, DGZ, ZSL for the ultimate anti-end of the world trade! I said it before and will say it again, see you at 1700+!
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                                • Ricardo Espinosa | Send Message 13 Mar 2012
                                  : Gold and silver shorts are ok, long XIV is asking for pain unless you exit in less than a month IMO, good luck.
                                • jimhsu | Send Message 15 Mar 2012
                                  : Short VXX is in many ways a superior position. Or options....
                                  • Michael Kudrna | Send Message 28 Aug 2011

                                    Trade Of The Week: Look For Clarity $GDX $UWM $TWM $DGZ $GLD
                                      • Michael Kudrna | Send Message 26 Aug 2011

                                        Closed out gold short via $DGZ. hedged both ways with $UWM and $TWM, just waiting on a strong volume break, appears downside first
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