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  • Michael Bryant | Send Message 1 Sep

    Wow, DRDGOLD ($DRD) is surging. And it looks very cheap.
      • Rsadler | Send Message 23 Apr

        Buying more $DRD today
          • Emerging Market Skeptic | Send Message 16 Feb

            South Africa ADRs / mining stock List $GOLD $AU $DRD $GFI $HMY $AQPTY $ASORY $PBOAY $RNDXF $RGORF $RBKPY $AFRBY
              • Rsadler | Send Message 14 Dec 2014

                Any one have any input on$DRD gold thinking about buying some shares read where $GG may be looking to buy it
                  • Rsadler | Send Message 26 Nov 2014

                    Bought $DRD I think $GG will take it over soon also brought some $EPD that looks good
                      • Joshua Hayes | Send Message 7 Nov 2011

                        Some more solid moves today. ZLTQ MX PKT DATE SKUL STX AMGN DRD AZPN CBOE GRMN EXC PZZA SBUX #ZLTQ #MX #PKT #DATE #SKUL #STX #AMGN #CBOE
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                        • Brandon Gibbs | Send Message 7 Nov 2011
                          : i love that PZZA but i feel like i missed the boat..
                        • Ocean Man | Send Message 8 Nov 2011
                          : STX was up a penny.
                          • Joshua Hayes | Send Message 21 Sep 2011

                            DRD just another gold stock breaking out on strong volume.
                              • Dividend Sheet | Send Message 19 Jan 2011

                                Dividend Yields: Best African Stocks On American Stock Exchanges +++ +++ $ATL $AU $DRD $GBG $GFI $SSP $SSL $UEPS
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                                  DRD vs. ETF Alternatives
                                  Company Description
                                  DRDGold Ltd is a South African gold mining company engaged in surface gold tailings retreatment including exploration, extraction, processing and smelting.
                                  Industry: Gold
                                  Country: South Africa