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Fuse Science, Inc. (DROP)

- OTCPK - Limited
DROP is defunct.
  • zzx375 | Send Message 20 Jun 2014

    $DROP-OLD Keeps heading downward
      • monumentalgains | Send Message 19 May 2014

        $DROP-OLD it looks like it's over for the name.......even with Tiger and Big Papi and numerous other stars, hard to believe.
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        • zzx375 | Send Message 19 May 2014
          : Looks that way.
          • zzx375 | Send Message 18 Apr 2014

            $DROP-OLD Any future here?
              • baldnbeardd | Send Message 31 Mar 2014

                Got a good feeling about this week. $ATTBF $FITX $XTRM $DROP-OLD $PHOT $LATF $MCIG $MINE $PMCB $STEV $TAUG $VMGI
                  • StocksGrim | Send Message 18 Mar 2014

                    $DROP-OLD is catching fire recently But they've had very popular athletes using their products for awhile now=explosive growth potential!!
                      • Brett Moll | Send Message 18 Mar 2014

                        $mcig & $latf up sharply. Take a peak at $drop tho.
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                        • JCStyles | Send Message 18 Mar 2014
                          : Looking into $DROP-OLD. Anymore info about their recent movement?
                          • zzx375 | Send Message 17 Mar 2014

                            $DROP-OLD...Hoping it does go to $1
                              • | Send Message 15 Mar 2014

                                $drop... Starting to move. Now is the time to get in, it will go up to $1 again.
                                  • Brad Harker | Send Message 1 Nov 2013

                                    $DROP-OLD Products are great! They are on the right path in terms of financials and marketing...just wait a bit longer for results... Cheers!
                                      • 157 | Send Message 30 Aug 2013

                                        I am really surprised this stock $DROP.PK does not get much more attention considering it has Tiger Woods and Andy Murray as partners.
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                                        • nclsamy | Send Message 2 Sep 2013
                                          : LOL, OM. Nice one!
                                        • | Send Message 6 Feb 2014
                                          : Still waiting... You think this stock will ever see some volume again?
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                                          Company Description
                                          Fuse Science, Inc. is a life sciences company which has developed and maintains the rights to sublingual and transdermal delivery systems for the efficient delivery to humans of energy, medicines, vitamins and minerals. Fuse Science believes that these technologies will provide a wide array of... More