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Direxion Daily Gold Miners Bear 3x Shares ETF (DUST)

  • Perkins Cove | Send Message 29 Jan

    $DUST/$JDST, gold being pulverized? Just kidding, but spot is down almost 20 points as of 7:00am EST. (12:00 in London)
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    • Perkins Cove | Send Message 29 Jan
      : Winter day, walking thru the snowy woods, at one with Nature.....peace. Just don't wake up. Home at last.
    • Perkins Cove | Send Message 29 Jan
      : The pain is the thing. Relieve the pain. That's your job. God (Universe) will take care of the rest. Namaste.....
      • Perkins Cove | Send Message 26 Jan
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        • nclsamy | Send Message 26 Jan
          : That's the best way of trading this things IMO. Also, congrats on the profits!The meeting could go either way and, personally I am surprised
        • nclsamy | Send Message 26 Jan
          : that Gold is down on this news. Maybe this is just profit taking...who knows. Good luck!
          • Robert Edwards | Send Message 24 Jan

            Buying dips in $IAG, $GLD, $GDX, $GDXJ while scalping in $NUGT & $JNUG. $DUST & $JDST insurance. Favoring Buying $UGAZ over $DGAZ for now.
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            • shopvac20 | Send Message 15h
              : gold rallied all day long.
            • shopvac20 | Send Message 15h
              : i have a small portion of JNUG which enjoyed the ride today
              • Perkins Cove | Send Message 21 Jan

                $NUGT/$DUST...Poka called mid thirteen's for spot. Don't short too early folks. (grin)
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                • Chris DeMuth Jr. | Send Message 21 Jan
                  : Peanut M&Ms. They are one of the best deals in terms of the ratio of their tastiness:glycemic index.
                • muldoon1959 | Send Message 21 Jan
                  : You fund guys have a metric for everything.
                  • Robert Edwards | Send Message 14 Jan

                    $UGAZ, $CLF, $IAG, $GDX, $GLD, $GDXJ, $JNUG, $NUGT all bouncing off lows. Keeping $DUST, $JDST & $DGAZ for insurance or teeter/totter.
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                    • antioxidant | Send Message 24 Jan
                      : Returning seems like déjà vu from last year same time NG didn't spike in 2014 until right around now just beware the quick dump afterwards
                    • Robert Edwards | Send Message 24 Jan
                      : This thread is getting so long, decided to start a new one.
                      • SlimmyHendrix | Send Message 11 Jan

                        are people getting trapped into gold? $jdst $dust
                          • spencers | Send Message 11 Jan

                            IPO & IPO regardless of oil falls or gold bulls - - $DWTI $UWTI &JNUG $JDST $DUST $UCO $SCO $AVOL $BLCM $JUNO
                              • CALFROPER | Send Message 8 Jan

                                My $DUST play is playing out from yesterday.....
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                                • SA Editor Eli Hoffmann | Send Message 8 Jan
                                  : When you said "upswing" did you mean "downswing"?
                                • CALFROPER | Send Message 8 Jan
                                  : yes sir--upswing for $DUST and gold down..
                                  • x oil -field | Send Message 8 Jan

                                    Persia[Iran]: The cusp of truly historic possibilities, and it would be tragic not to give that a chance. $OIL $USO $GLD $DUST Slate
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                                    • x oil -field | Send Message 8 Jan
                                      : It was a significant step -- and U.S. leaders should take advantage of it. Bloomberg
                                    • x oil -field | Send Message 9 Jan
                                      : What's Holding Up the Iran Nuclear Deal [Netanyahu]? U.S.NEWS
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