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PowerShares DB Gold Double Short ETN (DZZ)

  • Vetr | Send Message 17 Apr

    Gold ETF's Recent Strength May Be A Head Fake $DGLD $DGZ $DZZ $GLL $DSLV $GLD $ZSL
      • Eric Muathe | Send Message 1 Mar

        [VIDEO] $STUDY Timing Gold $GOLD & Silver $SLV in 2013. $DZZ $DUST $ZSL $DSLV
          • Emerging Market Skeptic | Send Message 9 Feb

            Russia, Kazakhstan & China are buying gold $AZIA $GLD $IAU $GLL $UGL $DGP $DZZ
              • Vetr | Send Message 14 Nov 2014

                Ignorance is not Bliss: Investors Ignore the Best Leveraged ETFs $SCO $DZZ $DUST $GLD $GLL $DSLV $DTO $DWTI
                  • mjrcme | Send Message 24 Sep 2014

                    I'm expecting a $GLD breakdown and, hence, a $DZZ rally. It could get severe.
                      • mjrcme | Send Message 23 Sep 2014

                        Went Long $JDST today. It's 3x short the $GDXJ. Also Long $DZZ.
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                        • almoni | Send Message 23 Sep 2014
                          : $dzz good toys but its faar from be ingot - solid goods. its time to buy silver bars ??? from your point of view ?
                          • mjrcme | Send Message 23 Sep 2014

                            Anyone have an opinion of which gold short is better, and safer, $DZZ or $GLL ??
                              • x oil -field | Send Message 11 May 2014

                                Are Currency Wars The Next Chapter? $AGOL $AGQ $DBS $DGL $DGLD $DGP $DGZ $DSLV $DZZ $GEUR $GGBP James P. Montes
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                                • x oil -field | Send Message 11 May 2014
                                  : A DaLatin pick. I'll agree with Dal this evening, morning, afternoon: this is a interesting read.
                                • x oil -field | Send Message 11 May 2014
                                  : What If Lowflation Isn't A Trap? $DIA $QQQ $SPY SA Cullen Roche My pick.
                                  • videomonitor | Send Message 22 Apr 2014

                                    Grab hold of the yawning $DZZ giant as it wakes up to soar +$10
                                      • videomonitor | Send Message 3 Apr 2014

                                        $DZZ is one of the best ways to benefit from dropping gold prices.
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                                          The PowerShares DB Gold ETNs provide investors with a cost-effective and convenient way to take a short or leveraged view on the performance of gold. All of the PowerShares DB Gold ETNs are based on a total return version of the Deutsche Bank Liquid Commodity Index-Optimum Yield Gold™.
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