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Ecotality, Inc. (ECTYQ)

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  • Tesla Revolution | Send Message 29 Aug 2013

    OK, what is the story behind the rise in $ECTYQ this week? TIme to double down?
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    • Tesla Revolution | Send Message 3 Sep 2013
      : Damnnn it. time to join the class-action.
    • HECTECK | Send Message 9 Oct 2013
      : I make some money with ECTY; im glad I sold it on time before it went down!!
      • Tesla Revolution | Send Message 23 Aug 2013

        For any $ECTYQ investors..... There is a lawsuit that might return some lost monies...
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        • troul | Send Message 24 Aug 2013
          : $ECTYQ was a shock to all of us
          • vireoman | Send Message 13 Aug 2013

            $ECTYQ: Disappointing info as had hopes for this company and the future for EV charging. Glad I had such a tiny position.
              • DWD Investing | Send Message 12 Aug 2013

                $ECTYQ I talked to the Directory of Investor Relations today in email.She said, "I didn't know anything about this until last night." Smelly.
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                • Tesla Revolution | Send Message 12 Aug 2013
                  : This is ridiculous! If EV's are selling so well, don't they need to be charged? This stock should be going UP, not down.
                • DWD Investing | Send Message 12 Aug 2013
                  : I don't think anyone can make sense of this stock. They opened at .26 today and closed at 1.46 Friday. They didn't even let the market work.
                  • neobliviscar | Send Message 12 Aug 2013

                    $ECTYQ In Highlander, the Kuergen said "Better to Flame Out than to Fade Away". ECTY = Kuergen. Wow.. filing:
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                    • neobliviscar | Send Message 12 Aug 2013
                      : going wrong, my shoot from the hip guess is this one might be $0.00 rather than a vulture inspired dead cat bounce.
                    • Ocean Man | Send Message 12 Aug 2013
                      : My, my, hey, hey.
                      • vireoman | Send Message 1 Aug 2013

                        $ECTYQ: Interesting action in this stock today. Below avg volume dip to 1.25. I added shares at 1.29. No news that I can find. Curious stuff
                          • Brett Wilson | Send Message 11 Jun 2013

                            $ECTYQ: Powering The Next Generation of Cars
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                            • Brett Wilson | Send Message 16 Jun 2013
                              : I personally don't own shares, but I would wait for a pullback if I was going to buy.
                            • DWD Investing | Send Message 12 Aug 2013
                              : $ECTYQ I think you just got your pull back.
                              • Ryan Mallory | Send Message 26 Jul 2011

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